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Trip to the Holy Land

Have you ever been to Israel? I have always wanted to go and must admit that I was pretty jealous of everyone I knew that was able to go. Every person I’ve ever known who has made a trip to the Holy Land has come back saying it is life changing. They say that you will never read the Bible in the same way again. I thought this trip-of-a-lifetime would always be just out of my financial reach and probably would never happen. However, a few years ago it happened! I went to Israel! And I must tell you, that everyone was right. It is, indeed, life changing and you will not view the Scriptures – or really the world – in the same way again.

David and BJ Lawson of Hope and Help International are leading a tour to Israel and you are invited! The Lawsons are seasoned teachers of the Word and have led tours to the Holy Land with Precept Ministries International and now with Hope and Help International. The Scriptures will literally come to life as you sit among the backdrop of history while receiving biblical teaching on site.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Don’t say, “I can’t afford it!” Start saving (and praying) now! Forget Disney World and all those other vacations that will have no lasting impact on your life. Take the vacation of a lifetime and go to Israel with the Lawsons! For more information, click here.



Sweet Water

Water 4

There’s a familiar story in the Bible about Jesus’ encounter with a woman who was living a lifestyle of sin until the day she met the Giver of Life. It is called “The Woman at the Well” and its beauty is not diminished by its familiarity.

Jesus, weary, hungry and thirsty from his journey and waiting for His disciples while they presumably had gone to find food, sat down by a well where women came every day to draw water. But this was the hottest part of the day and no women came to draw water during this time. Except for one. She was an outcast on every level: a Samaritan with whom Jews did not associate, a five time divorcee who was living with a man who was not her husband, and not least of all, a woman. She is astonished when this Jewish man asks her for a drink of water. That request opens the door to a conversation that literally changes her life. She comes to realize that this man is not just a man – He is the promised Messiah, the Savior of the world – and He offered her living water that would forever satisfy her spiritual thirst.

Water. It is the elixir of life and no less important and hard to come by in 2016 than it was 2,000 years ago when Jesus was sitting beside that well. Oh sure, in the US of A we simply turn the tap and out it flows. But it isn’t that easy in other parts of the world.

That’s where Water4 comes in. Founded in 2008 by Richard and Terri Greenly, they are committed to “eradicating the world water crisis.” This video called Sweet Water explains it so much more clearly than I.  Please watch it. In a nutshell, the Greenly’s friend Steve Stewart invented a hand pump and a drilling technique that can be done manually without expensive, hard to repair parts like well pumps. (In Africa alone there are over 200,000 BROKEN well pumps!)

Water4 is not just interested in quenching physical thirst either. They are empowering local communities by providing clean water which leads to good health, local jobs, and opportunities to share about Jesus and His living water that truly and permanently satisfies the deepest spiritual thirst. Check out their website at and see how you can get involved. One way is to give a well to a village without one. (Some women spend 6+ hours per day just getting water.) The website has information on many ways you can help.

The next time you turn on the tap and fill a glass with fresh clean water, remember those who don’t have that luxury. Visit and see how you can make a difference in the world water crisis.

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Pray For Me #IDOP

Sunday, November 1, 2015, is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP). It is a day where Christians all over the world make a special effort to pray for those believers who are suffering for their faith. I encourage you to join us as we pray for those who share our faith but not our freedom.

For more information on IDOP and other ways you can support suffering Christians click here.

To see the current World Watch list – a list of the top 50 countries in the world where faith in Jesus Christ costs the most – click here.

Refugee Beads

Refugee Beads

There’s an ongoing debate in our country about immigration, and it can get pretty heated at times. With so many sides to this complicated issue, sometimes it is hard to separate fact from misinformation. As Christians are we supposed to welcome one and all with open arms? Should we build a wall? Do we provide education and healthcare for those here illegally?

Well, there is a woman in Atlanta, Georgia, who decided to leave politics to the politicians and actually DO something for the large and diverse immigrant population in her community. She started an organization called Refugee Beads that utilizes the talents of individuals to make gorgeous handmade jewelry. Not only is Refugee Beads providing jobs for people, it is also using the profits from the sale of the jewelry to fund after-school and mentoring programs for children. You can read about this wonderful organization here. Visit their online shop here.

As a believer, I have wrestled with those questions asked above. I can see valid points on both sides. However, I have decided that when it comes to this issue I am going to be ruled by these 2 principles: (1) I am going to declare and live like this world is not my home and I’m just a passin’ through, as the old hymn says. That means that even though I am extremely grateful to have been born in the United States of America, I recognize that my true citizenship is in heaven and my home here is temporary. With the privilege of being born in a free country comes tremendous responsibility to advocate for those who were not. (2) When I am unsure about how to respond to the immigration crisis or to immigrants (whether legal or not), I am going to determine to have the heart of God. What exactly does that mean? I am going to search the Word of God and see how He instructs His people to treat aliens in a foreign land. The way God asks His followers to behave reveals His attitude. Believe it or not, the Bible has a lot to say on the subject.

Jesus said that everything we need to do and be as a follower of Him is wrapped up in two statements: love God and love people (Matthew 22:36-40). We MUST stop living our own agendas and start living a life of self-sacrifice. I am trying. I hope you are, too.

Revelation Illustrated Book

Through the Gate of the Eternal City by Pat Marvenko Smith

Through the Gate of the Eternal City by Pat Marvenko Smith

I have been a fan of Pat Marvenko Smith’s artwork for several years. I have used them when teaching Bible study  – not just in Revelation but also Daniel and Ezekiel. She is a very talented artist. She also has a unique ability to illustrate scenes from Scripture. There are some very vivid descriptions of heavenly scenes in the books of Revelation, Daniel, and Ezekiel. Because the things described are other-worldly, it is difficult to form a mental picture of the scene, event, or creature. Pat has no such difficulty. She truly brings passages of Scripture to life through her art. They are not only beautiful but also biblically accurate.

She has a book that includes all of her paintings. It can be purchased here. She also has individual prints, cd’s, note cards, and digital downloads available for purchase here. These are great to use for teaching purposes.

You can watch a short video about her book here.

Cute Japanese Pencil Cases

Pencil cases JetPensEvery Bible study student needs a good pencil case… or six. Check out these adorable ones from JetPens – one of my favorite websites for awesome Japanese office supplies. These are made from a double layer of thick cotton fabric and come in a variety of Japanese fabric prints. Very kawaii!



How to Pray for the Persecuted Church

Person in Jail


In this post I encouraged you to pray for Muslims during Ramadan which ends at sundown on July 17. I also encouraged you to pray for Christians who live in Islamic countries because persecution escalates toward them during this holy time for Muslims. I hope you won’t stop praying for persecuted Christians when Ramadan ends.

I found an excellent post here that not only encourages you to pray for Christians who are suffering, but it also gives you great guidance on specific ways to pray. So keep praying!