Mimosa book

Apart from the Word of God, Christian biographies have done more to help me grow in my faith and my walk with God than any other type of book. There is something about reading a real person’s story that inspires me. “If they did it, then I can do it, too,” I think after reading of their struggles, temptations, weaknesses, triumphs, victories, and jubilations. If God did that for them, then He wants to do it in my life, too.

Here is a book that you must read: Mimosa by Amy Carmichael. It is the true story of a young Indian girl who, after only the briefest of encounters – just a matter of moments, really –  with Amy Carmichael and the loving atmosphere of the Dohnavur Fellowship, fell in love with this One whom they called Father. She did not know His Name nor what He had done for her, indeed, for the whole world. “Only she knew somehow that just as the blue air was round about her that afternoon as she walked back with her father, so that when she looked up she could see blue beyond blue, so the love of this wonderful God was about her and above her, and everywhere was love.” (p.14)

Thus begins Mimosa’s journey of seeking, obeying (though she knew of no thing she must obey, but had the One within her guiding her), living through incredible hardship, but maintaining the deepest, most devout love for the One True God, whose name was a mystery to her.

Read it, be inspired, and then let me know what you think. Also, if you have read any Christian biographies that have moved or encouraged you, post a comment and let me know. I want to read it, too!