Inductive Bible Study Sample

Download a Sample Workbook

Here is a cool resource offered by Precept Ministries International. It is a sample Precept Upon Precept workbook on the book of Ephesians that you can download. (Take note: it is not a complete workbook, only Lesson One, plus the Appendix.) You can print it out and try your hand at inductive Bible study. Remember: it isn’t hard; it just takes time – as does anything worthwhile. So stop reading books about the Bible, dig into the Word itself, and discover truth for yourself. It’ll change your life!

The Perfect Pen for Marking Your Bible


Well, really, there is no such thing as the perfect pen for marking key word symbols in your Bible. I have found that all tend to bleed through to at least some extent. I have tried many brands over the years, but Sarasa Gel Pens have endured as my favorites. A close second are Pilot G-2 Pens. Between these two brands, I seem to be able to have a pretty complete color palette. Of course, I also use colored pencils to fill in many symbols. I know some people who use Crayola Twistables. However, you can never get a truly sharp point on them so this is a disadvantage to me. I’d save these for the coloring books.

Alas, all good things must come to an end and so ends the truly awesome Millipen. It is indeed missed in the world of fine writing and marking instruments. With the finest of fine tips, the loveliest of colors, and the least bleed-through ever, it was a true gem of a pen in every sense of the word. Oh well, life must go on.

So choose your instrument, open your Bible, begin reading, and start marking those key words!

The Perfect Pen for Marking Your Bible – Part 2

The Perfect Pen for Marking Your Bible – Part 3

*NOTE: All of the above is true, but we all live and learn and grow and mature. And sometimes we find better pens for marking our Bibles. Pens that we didn’t even know existed when we wrote the above words. In light of that, I want you to know that this is the perfect pen for marking your Bible – really!


Mimosa book

Apart from the Word of God, Christian biographies have done more to help me grow in my faith and my walk with God than any other type of book. There is something about reading a real person’s story that inspires me. “If they did it, then I can do it, too,” I think after reading of their struggles, temptations, weaknesses, triumphs, victories, and jubilations. If God did that for them, then He wants to do it in my life, too.

Here is a book that you must read: Mimosa by Amy Carmichael. It is the true story of a young Indian girl who, after only the briefest of encounters – just a matter of moments, really –  with Amy Carmichael and the loving atmosphere of the Dohnavur Fellowship, fell in love with this One whom they called Father. She did not know His Name nor what He had done for her, indeed, for the whole world. “Only she knew somehow that just as the blue air was round about her that afternoon as she walked back with her father, so that when she looked up she could see blue beyond blue, so the love of this wonderful God was about her and above her, and everywhere was love.” (p.14)

Thus begins Mimosa’s journey of seeking, obeying (though she knew of no thing she must obey, but had the One within her guiding her), living through incredible hardship, but maintaining the deepest, most devout love for the One True God, whose name was a mystery to her.

Read it, be inspired, and then let me know what you think. Also, if you have read any Christian biographies that have moved or encouraged you, post a comment and let me know. I want to read it, too!

How To Do Inductive Bible Study

The Introduction to Inductive Bible Study is a great resource from Precept Ministries International. It is a two-page downloadable guide to learning to use the inductive study method. Sort of a crash course. If you have always wanted to learn how to study the Bible for yourself and not rely on others’ opinions and interpretations, the inductive study method is for you. Print out the guide and give it a go!

Key Word Symbols

Have you ever been gliding along doing your Observation Worksheet, marking key words like nobody’s business, when, all of a sudden, you are stopped in your tracks with the thought, “Now, how in the world do I mark THAT?” Well, your problems are solved! Check out the key word marking scans by clicking on the picture below. Download, print, and just see if you don’t have the cutest symbols in class!


Tell Us Your Story. . .

In today’s class discussion (Lesson 3) we were talking about salvation and I was remembering the day I got saved. It has been 35 years, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I’d like to hear your story. Post a comment and share when you got saved, who led you to the Lord, how it came about, etc. 

“. . .always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you. . .”

I Peter 3:15