Key Word Symbols

Have you ever been gliding along doing your Observation Worksheet, marking key words like nobody’s business, when, all of a sudden, you are stopped in your tracks with the thought, “Now, how in the world do I mark THAT?” Well, your problems are solved! Check out the key word marking scans by clicking on the picture below. Download, print, and just see if you don’t have the cutest symbols in class!



27 thoughts on “Key Word Symbols

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  5. Glad to see the list is still available. I misplaced my old list of symbols. Now am glad I did since they have been expanded.
    Thanks and blessings. Judy

  6. Me too!!!! Couldn’t find mine either and thankful they are still available to print. Just printed another set. Thank you.

  7. I am doing the Galatians/Ephesians Study: Free from Bondage God’s Way with a local group and was looking for something like this. Thanks so much for sharing your work!

  8. Working through Daniel 2 Study and needed some inspiration for keeping all these kings and beasts and horns straight. What a blessing, this certainly helps!

  9. Working through Jeremiah and wasn’t sure I would find anything for key markings when I did a search for them. Thank you thank you so much for making them available! Julie

  10. Hello from Boulder City, NV. A class member found your site and your word symbol list is wonderful. It will help me cut down on “new student frustration.” God bless for your hard work and willingness to share with all the church, nor matter where they are scattered! In Christ, Pat Sharp

  11. Godsend Neely, you can click on the page Key Word Symbols at the top of this page. Then just click on each picture and you can print each page individually. Hope that helps.

  12. For God the Father, I use a triangle and then draw the alive symbol (a cloud) just around the top. This indicates that this is God the Father who lives in heaven. If you need one for unity, I use two circles that overlap in the middle. I do this in purple (royalty) and use the same color for my God the Father. Hope that helps.

  13. I love the inspiration and visual reminders that the keys bring. Thank you for making this available for print and sharing. God bless you!

  14. Ruth, You go to the Key Word Symbols page and then click on the picture of the page. That opens the page as a pdf and then you print it from your computer. (You can hit Ctrl P on your keyboard to print or click the printer icon at the bottom of the page.) You need to have a pdf reader program on your computer like Adobe Acrobat. Do that on each picture. Let me know if you have any problems. You can email me at

  15. Matthew, are you asking how to mark the name “Daniel” or how to mark key words in the book of Daniel? I haven’t done a separate sheet for the book of Daniel yet. However, all of the key words in the book of Daniel are included in the A-Z Key Word Symbol Sheets.

  16. When I studied the book of Daniel inductively, I didn’t mark “Daniel” because it would have cluttered the text too much. However, if I do mark the main character or author of a book, I usually just use a blue circle around the name. Sometimes when marking a name, I will use a large first letter of their name. So if I were marking “Daniel,” I would put a large “D” over the word. Hope that gives you some ideas.

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