God’s Smuggler


As stated before in this post, I love Christian biographies. Stories of intrigue, courage, perseverance, pain, triumph – and in the midst of it all are just ordinary people living ordinary lives in extraordinary obedience, oftentimes under extraordinary circumstances. This particular book, God’s Smuggler by Brother Andrew, is what started it all for me. This is where my journey of faith met modern-day Hebrews 11 saints. It also began my involvement with the ministry started by Brother  Andrew in 1955 which continues today: Open Doors. Open Doors is a ministry to persecuted Christians worldwide. They provide encouragement, training for pastors, financial help, legal help, Bibles and more to Christians in the most persecuted countries of the world.

Read the book, check out Open Doors’ website, and get involved in supporting our Christian brothers and sisters around the world!


3 thoughts on “God’s Smuggler

  1. This is one of the most thrilling biographies that you will read. It has all the great things of the most exciting spy novel except that this is true. You’ll be amazed by God’s power and the faith of real man of God.

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