God’s Call

I have already told you in this post of the impact that Brother Andrew’s first book, God’s Smuggler, had on my life. God’s Call is just as thrilling.

God’s Call recounts Brother Andrew’s dramatic encounters with world leaders and persecuted Christians-this time in communist China, turbulent Africa, and repressive Muslim nations. Read his gripping tales of courageous Christian ministers in Iran, a near-miss with brutal secret police in Uganda, a mission to smuggle a million Bibles into south China, and more. Along with the powerful stories, you’ll also find straightforward and provocative steps for fulfilling God’s purposes in your own life. Drawing from his many years of ministry to the worldwide persecuted church, Brother Andrew guides you on how to pay attention to God’s voice and faithfully follow his call.”

My favorite story in the book? The account of 1,000,000 Bibles being delivered secretly to a beach in China in a single night! Time magazine called it a “bold expedition.” To say the least.

Also, check out the ministry of Open Doors, founded by Brother Andrew when he first started delivering Bibles behind the Iron Curtain in 1955 in his little blue Volkswagen Beetle. To this day they continue to support, advocate, and train persecuted Christians worldwide.

Trust me. You gotta read this!


Key Word Symbol – “reconcile”

ReconcileHere’s a suggestion for marking the word reconcile when doing Inductive Bible Study. It seems pretty self-explanatory. Two arrows headed toward each other. It just made sense to me. And for me the color blue speaks of peace. Yeah, I like my symbol for this word. But feel free to use your own. I’m always open to suggestions.

Here’s how I mark anger. . . and baptism. . . and avenge/avenger. . . and altar. . . if you’re interested.

Of Whom the World Is Not Worthy. . .

Vasiles Story

Vasile's Story

Hebrews 11 is commonly referred to as the “Hall of Faith.” In that chapter are listed men and women of God who understood that without faith it is impossible to please God and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him (Heb. 11:6). The phrase “by faith” is repeated 19 times in this chapter to describe the acts of faith that accompanied the inner faith and sincere conviction of people such as Moses, Abraham, and Rahab. However, there are other unnamed saints who endured indescribable horrors such as being sawn in two, living in caves and holes in the ground, and being scourged. Their character is summed up in a short parenthetical in verse 38: “men [and women] of whom the world was not worthy.”

There are still men and women of God today who are suffering for the sake of the gospel. They are teaching and preaching the Word of God at great peril to themselves and their families. Many have lost their lives. Many of these brave believers are Precept Bible Study leaders. Read the story of Vasile here

Be inspired. Be encouraged. But, mostly, PRAY for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering because of their faithfulness to God.

Key Word Symbol – “avenge/avenger”

AvengerIf you have done the Precept Upon Precept study on Kinsman Redeemer, then you probably already have a key word symbol for marking avenge or blood avenger. But here is a suggested way to mark these words if you don’t. I try to use related symbols to mark related words. They could even be marked exactly the same way if you wanted.

Remember, when doing Inductive Bible Study and marking key words, the symbol or color you use is not important. Making it your own is important. It is a tool to help you dig deeper into God’s Word, slow down and read with purpose, and, most importantly, learn more about God.

Go forth and mark key words!

I’m in love!

In this post I talked about the perfect pen for marking your Bible. Well, all those things I said are still true because I basically said that there is no perfect pen for marking your Bible. There are some great writing instruments out there, each having its pros and cons. But I have to tell you that my affections have been totally diverted to the Pilot Frixion Color-Pencil-Like Erasable Gel Ink Pen. Oh my goodness, I am in love with these pens.

I ordered 2 colors from Jet Pens to test them in my Bible. I marked in 2 different Bibles to account for variations in paper. My observations concluded that there was no bleed-through on either paper. That’s right. I said it. No bleed-through. (I’m not guaranteeing that you won’t have bleed-through. I just know that I didn’t have any.)

And, yes, they really do erase. Really. Honest. They erase. One caveat, however: if you make a mistake and would like to erase, I would advise letting the ink dry before erasing. When I erased right away, the ink smeared a little but still erased. When I let it dry first before erasing, it caused less stress to the paper and to the type that I didn’t want to erase.

I want these pens so bad. I can’t even tell you how bad I want these pens. I am saving my pennies for the 24-color set. Once I get them, I may never stop marking key words in my Bible.

Key Word Symbol – “anger”

AngerHere is a suggested marking for the word “anger” or “angry” when doing Inductive Bible Study. Remember: when doing Inductive Bible Study, marking the text serves a purpose, and creating a pretty picture isn’t it! Marking key words helps you to slow down and really take in what you are reading. It also makes it very easy to compile a simple list which is another component of Inductive Bible Study.

Marking is a tool, but some people get overwhelmed or sidetracked by the tool itself. It’s like building a house. You use a lot of different tools to accomplish your purpose, but the goal is to end up with a stable, efficient, and lovely dwelling. The tools help you build the house, but the end product you are looking for is a house, not a hammer or a saw.

It’s the same way with Inductive Bible Study. Marking key words in the text is a tool, not the end result. It helps you achieve the desired result which is learning God’s Word so that you can know Him better and give Him the worship He deserves. And that’s better than any house!