Key Word Symbol – “altar”

AltarHere’s the way I mark the word “altar.” Even though it looks red in the picture, I actually use a brown gel pen to make the outline. The shape gives the impression of the 4 horns of the bronze altar of sacrifice in the Tabernacle. Then I color it in with an orange pencil. (To see my chosen writing instruments, go here.)

But don’t forget that there is no right or wrong way to mark key words when doing Inductive Bible Study. It is a tool to help you discover truth for yourself.

If you have a favorite symbol for a common key word found throughout Scripture, feel free to leave a comment. Or email a picture and I will share it!


3 thoughts on “Key Word Symbol – “altar”

  1. Hi!

    Coud someone please e-mail me or post the symbol for angel! It is not listed or depicted in any of Kay Arthur\’s Inductive Study Series Books


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