Free Giveaway!

In this post I told you about the new magazine from the folks at Logos Bible Study Magazine. I read my sample issue cover to cover and decided that it is absolutely worth the $14.95/year subscription price. It is chock full of helpful study tools, information, and even a daily Bible study. 

In honor of Father’s Day I am giving away a one-year subscription to Bible Study Magazine. (Don’t tell my dad that it’s what he’s getting!) You don’t have to give it to your dad – he may not be a student of the Word and may actually prefer that polka dot tie. You can give it to whomever you want or keep it for yourself. I promise not to judge.

To enter just leave a comment and tell me about your favorite Bible study tool – commentary, dictionary, pens & pencils, etc. Be sure to include a way for me to get in touch with you. Or, when I post the winner, you can contact me . (The winner will be chosen randomly by a random number generator.) This is my first giveaway so there may be a few kinks, but please bear with me. If it goes well, I promise more giveaways in the future. Enter your comment by midnight EDT June 13. I will post the winner on June 15.

Good luck!


11 thoughts on “Free Giveaway!

  1. My favorite Bible Study tools are a) my Reader’s Greek/Hebrew Bibles and the New American Commentary. E-mail is the best way to get in touch with me.

  2. My favorite study tools are my NAS Bible & my pens and pencils. I so enjoy marking the text, it slows me down and it is my kind of “thing” since I am a crafter. :o)

  3. My favorite study tool on line is Blue Letter Bible Study Tools,NKJV Bible,index cards,and colored pens.

  4. My favorite Bible study tool is my Inductive Study Bible. Each book has its own mini-precept study included, with wide margins for marking and charts to fill in chapter themes and word studies. I have had mine since 1996, and I still love it!

  5. My favorite study tool is my parallel Bible (makes me read the verse 4 times, so I get it) and my Strong’s Concordance. I also like using Thanks for everyone’s tips.

  6. My favorite tool is my NASB. I use the online Bible as well; it has Hebrew and Greek dictionaries. I also have 24/7 support from the writer of this site.

  7. My favorite tool is my Inductive Study Bible. I also love to use my Zodhiates Word Study Series. Lately, I have been looking at maps. I like The Moody Atlas of Bible Lands. It gives me perspective.

  8. My favorite bible study tool is Kay Arthur! Also the precept study bible and colored pencils, so when I open up my bible I see the symbols and know what it is talking about!

  9. My favorite study tool is my NASB. Loved it ever since I took my first precept study on the book of John at Victory.

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