Key Word Symbol – “anger”

AngerHere is a suggested marking for the word “anger” or “angry” when doing Inductive Bible Study. Remember: when doing Inductive Bible Study, marking the text serves a purpose, and creating a pretty picture isn’t it! Marking key words helps you to slow down and really take in what you are reading. It also makes it very easy to compile a simple list which is another component of Inductive Bible Study.

Marking is a tool, but some people get overwhelmed or sidetracked by the tool itself. It’s like building a house. You use a lot of different tools to accomplish your purpose, but the goal is to end up with a stable, efficient, and lovely dwelling. The tools help you build the house, but the end product you are looking for is a house, not a hammer or a saw.

It’s the same way with Inductive Bible Study. Marking key words in the text is a tool, not the end result. It helps you achieve the desired result which is learning God’s Word so that you can know Him better and give Him the worship He deserves. And that’s better than any house!


2 thoughts on “Key Word Symbol – “anger”

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  2. I would like to send me the list of the key words simbols to my email adress. Thanks. God Bless You.

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