God’s Call

I have already told you in this post of the impact that Brother Andrew’s first book, God’s Smuggler, had on my life. God’s Call is just as thrilling.

God’s Call recounts Brother Andrew’s dramatic encounters with world leaders and persecuted Christians-this time in communist China, turbulent Africa, and repressive Muslim nations. Read his gripping tales of courageous Christian ministers in Iran, a near-miss with brutal secret police in Uganda, a mission to smuggle a million Bibles into south China, and more. Along with the powerful stories, you’ll also find straightforward and provocative steps for fulfilling God’s purposes in your own life. Drawing from his many years of ministry to the worldwide persecuted church, Brother Andrew guides you on how to pay attention to God’s voice and faithfully follow his call.”

My favorite story in the book? The account of 1,000,000 Bibles being delivered secretly to a beach in China in a single night! Time magazine called it a “bold expedition.” To say the least.

Also, check out the ministry of Open Doors, founded by Brother Andrew when he first started delivering Bibles behind the Iron Curtain in 1955 in his little blue Volkswagen Beetle. To this day they continue to support, advocate, and train persecuted Christians worldwide.

Trust me. You gotta read this!


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