Counting the Ten Commandments


Almost everyone has heard of the Ten Commandments. Maybe you can’t recite them all in order, but you could probably come pretty close to listing most of them. Even people who know nothing about God or the Bible can tell you that we’re supposed to follow them. Not only that, but they are also the basis of most of the laws which govern our justice system.

They are also called the Decalogue. Deca comes from the Latin word that means “ten.” But did you know that not everyone agrees that there are actually 10 commandments? Throughout history, Jew and Gentile alike have disagreed on exactly how to number the commandments found in Chapter 20 of the book of Exodus.

Here is a chart from Bible Study Magazine that clearly shows the ways different traditions and sects have numbered the commandments. It’s an interesting look into a question most of us never even thought of asking!


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