Key Word Symbol – “captive/slavery”


If you have done any of the Kings and Prophets Precept Upon Precept Bible studies or studied the book of Romans, then you most likely found that “captive” or “slavery” was a key word in these passages. I mark these words (and related synomyms) this way. It is 2 small circles joined by a squiggly line. It is a simple representation of handcuffs.

Here’s a great way to keep track of all the symbols you have acquired in all your years of doing Inductive Bible Study. It is so simple yet brilliant it’ll blow your mind. Okay, maybe my mind is easily blown. But it really is a great idea.

Check the Key Word Symbol page here or Categories on the right sidebar for more suggestions on how to mark key words.


One thought on “Key Word Symbol – “captive/slavery”

  1. Hi Kari,

    Anyone know how to mark say,said,doubt and fear? … I battle to find a way to mark these words!


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