Nothing Daunted

Nothing Daunted

I just finished reading By Searching:My Journey Through Doubt in to Faith by Isobel Kuhn. I highly recommend it. She is eloquent and sincere in describing her journey which begins with her rejecting the faith of her parents and ends with her boarding a vessel to China to serve as a missionary with China Inland Mission. But the book I really want you to read is Nothing Daunted: The Story of Isobel Kuhn by Gloria Repp. By Searching gives a small glimpse into the life of this remarkable woman. Nothing Daunted tells the broader story of her life of consecration and service to God among the Lisu people of China. I cannot get the picture out of my head of this elegant young woman, no doubt wearing a dress, climbing the steep, rocky and muddy mountains to reach the elusive people group to whom she and her husband John had been called.

I cannot say enough how much reading biographies of  great Christians has impacted my life. For more recommended reading, check out You Gotta Read This under the Categories heading on the right side bar. We can draw strength, encouragement and hope by reading the stories of those who have gone before us.


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