New Study Starting – Join Us!


On August 18 we will be starting a new study. It is called Lord, Teach Me to Study the Bible in 28 Days by Kay Arthur. And you can do it with us! Just go here to order a book. When you get your book, complete Week One. Then, join our class discussion! If you live in Camden County, Georgia, you can join us in person. If you don’t or if you work and can’t come to a morning class, then you can listen to the class discussion right here at your own convenience. It’s that simple.

Also, we welcome comments and questions from our online students so don’t hesitate to contact us.


One thought on “New Study Starting – Join Us!

  1. As I look outside this morning to a beautiful day, I thank God for all that He gives us every day. It seems like yesterday that it was May and now here it is August 17th. Life can seem like a blur if we don’t slow down and give our FIRST to Him each and every morning. I know I’m guilty of not always doing that. I miss the sweet fellowship with the ladies of Camden Crossroads and I am looking forward to listening in on the new study tomorrow. I pray for all that enter into this study will glean golden nuggets to take with them on their walk with Him.

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