Key Word Symbol – “relent”

relentThe Hebrew transliteration nacham is translated as the English word “relent” in Jonah 3:9. The word means “to be sorry, console oneself, repent, regret, comfort, be comforted.” Even though nacham is not translated anywhere in the NASB as “yield,” it still makes me think of that word. This symbol comes from the shape of a Yield traffic sign.

Of course, you can mark key words any way you like when you are doing inductive Bible study. But sometimes we get stuck. (At least, I do.) And sometimes it helps to see how someone else marks a word. Then we can move on with marking the text instead of wasting time deliberating over what symbol to use.

Don’t forget that marking the text is one tool of inductive Bible study. Be careful that you don’t get so caught up in using the tool that you forget the true objective: digging out the truth of God’s Word for yourself.


One thought on “Key Word Symbol – “relent”

  1. I’m always excited to add a new marking to my list. Often they streamline my existing markings. Trying to keep marking the tool and not the focus. Thanks, Janice

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