Key Word Symbol – “calamity”

calamityIn Jonah Chapter 1, a key word is “calamity.” The calamity comes in the form of a great storm on the sea that threatens to run the ship aground. This word is found in many other places throughout the Old Testament. Much of the time, the author of the calamity is God Himself. Of course, the calamity is almost always a result of serious disobedience on the part of His people. (We would never do that, would we? Noooo, not us!)

My symbol for this word resembles a tornado and is drawn with a red pen. Mark every occurrence of this word, make a list of what you learn from each occurrence, and then apply it to your life so that you can know how to live when calamity comes into your life!


One thought on “Key Word Symbol – “calamity”

  1. Hi!Anyone know how to mark : born of God? Also how about an index A-Z on Key Word Symbols link, that allows users to also post their symbols.


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