Bury Me Standing

Usually when I recommend a book for you to read, it is a Christian biography. Not always, but usually. This one is not. Bury Me Standing by Isabel Fonseca is an amazing journey into the world of the most maligned people on earth – Gypsies. Or Roma, as they are referred to in many parts of Eastern Europe.

The Amazon.com Review says of the book: “They travel endlessly and seem to appear almost everywhere, yet they are the world’s most mysterious people: Gypsies. Isabel Fonseca has done the impossible, entering into their world, living and traveling with Gypsies during several long trips to Eastern Europe, and she has brought back an insightful, highly personal, and very readable account of who the Gypsies are and how they live. The Gypsies have a legendary aversion to ‘gadje,’ or outsiders, but Fonseca has lifted the curtain and written gracefully about their lives on the edge of society.”

My love for gypsies began almost 10 years ago with my first trip to Romania. Here’s a picture of my family and me in 2005 standing in the muddy streets of a gypsy village with one of our precious sisters in Christ. One of the few things I’ll probably ever agree with Madonna on is the injustice of the overwhelming racism against gypsies throughout Europe. My experience has been that the many stray dogs that roam the streets of Bucharest are more valued than they.

I’ll warn you: it isn’t an easy read. But it is completely fascinating. Stick with it. I promise you’ll learn a lot. And who knows – you might find out that you have something in common with Madonna, too!


One thought on “Bury Me Standing

  1. Not sure what you mean by “Christian biographies”, but I certainly agree that this book is tremendously moving, startling, lump in the throat, keep the tissues handy kind of a book. It’s a wonder that the Romany persist.

    By the way, Madonna has many fine qualities in addition to her pursuit of Romany rights. And there are fewer more Christian names than hers!

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