Key Word Symbol – “prophet” and “false prophet”

Here’s how I mark prophet and false prophet when doing inductive Bible study. I use a green pen to draw a little megaphone shape. I color prophet with a yellow pencil and false prophet with a brown pencil.

Read this to see a handy way to keep track of your key word marking symbols right in your Bible. Visit our Key Word Symbols page to view and print 6 pages of suggested symbols. You can laminate and 3-hole punch them to keep them in a notebook or just put them in protective sleeves.

Don’t forget that the purpose of marking the text is to make you slow down as you read and to help you draw out the main idea of what you are reading. Too often we zip through a passage without really comprehending what it is saying. Get some colored pencils -or, better yet, these awesome pens from JetPens – and slow down as you read God’s Word. As you see repeated words or phrases, mark them in a distinctive way. And you will be on your way to studying the Bible inductively.


The Right Way to Have a Quiet Time

Is there a right or wrong way to have a daily quiet time? Does the Bible give us any guidelines? Kay Arthur has written a 37-page booklet called A Quiet Time Alone with God that answers all your questions concerning this topic. Daily time with God is vital to a healthy, growing relationship with Him, but so often we feel we must adhere to a rigid set of rules about time, place, or method. But is that biblical thinking?

Click here to order this booklet from Precept Ministries International. It’s only $1.95. That is a small investment that will reap big dividends in your walk with God and your journey to spiritual maturity.

Listen to the Bible in a Year

For the second year in a row, my church is reading through the Chronological Bible. It’s fun to not only experience the Word of God from a chronological perspective but also to have a common devotional reading with my fellow church members. We can share insights or questions about certain passages. And there’s no condemnation for “falling off the wagon.” If you miss a day (been there), or a week (done that), or several weeks (bought the t-shirt), we encourage everyone to just start right back where you are.

But the other day I found this resource that I think is pretty awesome. You can listen to a daily Scripture reading that goes through the Bible in one year. The One Year Audio Bible is read by Tom Dooley of MasterMedia Ministries. If you’ve never heard the voice of Tom Dooley, then you are in for a treat. Billy Graham said it’s like hearing the voice of God. So basically, you get the voice of God reading the Word of God. Well, sort of.

The One Year Audio Bible is not arranged chronologically. But what a great way to go through the entire Bible in one year. Just click on the picture in the right sidebar to listen every day. It’s not too late. Make 2010 the year you read and/or listened to the Bible in a year!


My husband was in the Navy for 23 years. As you can imagine, we made a few moves during that time. Not as many as most Navy families, but we still changed addresses a few times – especially during the first 10 years of our marriage. I started doing Precept Bible studies when we lived in Montgomery, AL. After that, whenever we moved, I would find a Precept group in our new area and join it. There’s nothing like a good Bible study group to help hold you accountable to your studies.

I found myself on more than one occasion in a strange church in a strange town sitting in a room full of strangers. There would be a class discussion. Then, as most Precept Bible studies do, we would watch a teaching video. In that moment, Kay’s familiar (and beautiful) face would come on the television screen and she would begin teaching in her familiar, comforting voice. Suddenly in the midst of all the unfamiliarity, I was at home. I was not among strangers but among friends and sisters in Christ. Kay was my friend who moved with me everywhere I went.

Now you can meet Kay at You can listen to the daily broadcast of her radio program Precepts for Life, watch her teaching video, download Precept’s ministry newsletter, and connect with a variety of other resources offered by Precept Ministries International.

So now you can take Kay with you wherever you go. But she’s my BFF.


My heart is broken for Haiti. This picture says it all for me. Want to help? The EFCA Crisis Response is in the process of mobilizing teams to go. They need money to do it. Go here to donate. I did.

One of my favorite blogs, Cake Wrecks , also has some great ways to donate here. I especially like texting the Red Cross to donate $10. It automatically shows up on your cell phone bill. A painless way to give. I did that, too.

Pray? Yes. Of course. Absolutely. But let’s face it. They need money to help with this crisis. The need is urgent. So pray and GIVE.

Lightning Study: Living as God’s Restrainer of Evil

What is truth? Write that question on your Facebook wall and I guarantee you will spark quite a debate. I heard Janet Parshall say one time that truth is “that which is true for all people at all times in every situation.” I think that definition is pretty workable and Scriptural at the same time. As a Christian, I believe that the Bible is the Word of God and is absolute Truth. God said it; I believe it. It’s that simple.

But how important is it as a Christian to stand on the truth of the Word of God – not just with words but by the life I live? Can I positively impact the world I live in? Can I actually restrain evil from my generation?

Precept Ministries has a free downloadable Lightning Study that walks you through a study of Scriptures that will help answer those questions. Click here to print it out.

A Lightning Study is a mini inductive Bible study that takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. For more Lightning Studies to download and print, click here.

We all make mistakes. . . sometimes.

I used to think that the person who invented those liquid correction pens should receive a special award of some kind. I have changed my mind. The person who invented these little numbers deserves the award. They are the Pentel Petit Corre Corrections Tapes. They are available in 4 different widths. The 2.5 mm width is great for those tiny mess-ups you may make when marking in your Bible. The 6 mm width covers larger errors. I think I’ll use this one in my Precept Upon Precept Bible study workbook. Sometimes it takes 3 swipes with a standard correction tape device to completely cover my goof-ups. But one swipe with the 6 mm should do it.

These are, of course, available from one of my favorite places on the web: JetPens. If you haven’t discovered my most favorite Bible marking pens in the whole wide world yet, then check them out here. And one more thing about the Pentel Petit Corre Correction Tapes . . . They stack! Like this:

How cool is that? Go get some. Make some mistakes. And then correct them in style!

Key Word Symbol – “book of the law”

I love the story found in 2 Kings 22 and 23. King Josiah has given instructions for the long-neglected house of the Lord to be repaired and cleaned. In the process of following the king’s orders, Hilkiah the high priest discovers the “book of the law.” The amazing thing is not that the Word of God was found but that the Word of God was actually lost in the house of God. Did you get that? The Word of God was lost and it was found hidden and neglected in the very place where it should have been taught and exalted. I could spend all day drawing parallels to the church today.

However, I encourage you to go to 2 Kings yourself. Read it and mark every reference to the “book of the law” using the above suggested marking symbol or your own symbol. Then make a list of everything you learn about the book of the law. See what God has to say to you through His Word.

For more suggested key word marking symbols, visit our Key Word Symbols page or click on the Key Word Symbols category on the right sidebar of this page.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Have you been looking for a good Bible study in your area but can’t find one? I have great news for you! You can join Precept Camden’s online Bible study. Go here for details.

Another option is to start your own Bible study class in your church, your home, or your community. Precept Ministries has a wide variety of Bible study materials available. Read this post for an overview of the different studies they have – each one designed to meet you right where you are.

Precept Ministries also has a free download available to help you get your own Bible study class started. Click here to print this helpful resource. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!