Key Word Symbol – “book of the law”

I love the story found in 2 Kings 22 and 23. King Josiah has given instructions for the long-neglected house of the Lord to be repaired and cleaned. In the process of following the king’s orders, Hilkiah the high priest discovers the “book of the law.” The amazing thing is not that the Word of God was found but that the Word of God was actually lost in the house of God. Did you get that? The Word of God was lost and it was found hidden and neglected in the very place where it should have been taught and exalted. I could spend all day drawing parallels to the church today.

However, I encourage you to go to 2 Kings yourself. Read it and mark every reference to the “book of the law” using the above suggested marking symbol or your own symbol. Then make a list of everything you learn about the book of the law. See what God has to say to you through His Word.

For more suggested key word marking symbols, visit our Key Word Symbols page or click on the Key Word Symbols category on the right sidebar of this page.


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