Listen to the Bible in a Year

For the second year in a row, my church is reading through the Chronological Bible. It’s fun to not only experience the Word of God from a chronological perspective but also to have a common devotional reading with my fellow church members. We can share insights or questions about certain passages. And there’s no condemnation for “falling off the wagon.” If you miss a day (been there), or a week (done that), or several weeks (bought the t-shirt), we encourage everyone to just start right back where you are.

But the other day I found this resource that I think is pretty awesome. You can listen to a daily Scripture reading that goes through the Bible in one year. The One Year Audio Bible is read by Tom Dooley of MasterMedia Ministries. If you’ve never heard the voice of Tom Dooley, then you are in for a treat. Billy Graham said it’s like hearing the voice of God. So basically, you get the voice of God reading the Word of God. Well, sort of.

The One Year Audio Bible is not arranged chronologically. But what a great way to go through the entire Bible in one year. Just click on the picture in the right sidebar to listen every day. It’s not too late. Make 2010 the year you read and/or listened to the Bible in a year!


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