Sweets for your heart

I love the book of Psalms. It is my favorite book in the whole Bible, and Psalm 119 has always been one of my favorite chapters in this incredible book. It is all about the Word of God and how precious and vital it is to our lives. Sweeter than Chocolate by Pam Gillaspie is an inductive study of Psalm 119.

Precept Ministries describes it this way: “Psalm 119 is the definitive chapter on the value of the Word of God and is one of those chapters of the Bible that gets less attention than it deserves. All who desire to know the Word of God and the God of the Word benefit tremendously from this passage of scripture. From cover to cover, Sweeter than Chocolate invites the student to dig in, digest Psalm 119 and taste how sweet the Word of God can be. Sweeter than Chocolate Bible Study can help you find sweet words and real solutions from God’s Book!”

Click here to order this workbook that will lead you through a 6-week study of Psalm 119. Chocolate is sweet, but NOTHING is sweeter than the Words of God!


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