Key Word Symbol – “peace”

This is my symbol for the word “peace” when I am marking my Bible and doing inductive Bible study. Remember the peace sign from the 70’s? Actually, who needs to remember since it is in vogue again and plastered on everything from purses to jewelry to bumper stickers to you name it. The peace sign that most of us recognize was actually designed back in the 1950’s as a symbol of British nuclear disarmament. A few years later, it came to the U.S. and become synonymous with the anti-war movement.

My symbol for peace is loosely based on the old school peace sign, but the cross is right-side up and isn’t broken. I used a red cross symbolizing Jesus because He is the giver of true peace (John 14:27).

For more ideas on how to mark key words go here. For a free downloadable and printable introduction to inductive Bible study go here.


2 thoughts on “Key Word Symbol – “peace”

  1. Thanks for having this resource online. I printed off the six sheets of symbols, but there are a few words that don’t have symbols. The ones that came to mind are – holy, patient/patience, Scripture. Any ideas? Thanks!

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