The Easter Experience

This week our church community groups began a new study called The Easter Experience. It is a 6-week study that will lead us into the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday which falls on April 4 this year. There is a weekly 20-minute dvd plus a participant’s study guide. I have been looking so forward to beginning this new study in anticipation of the Easter season which is really the holiest, most sacred, and most joyful time of year for Christians.

Last night was the first installment. You know how sometimes these “church” videos can be cheesy and amateurish – sometimes to the point of embarrassment? Well, The Easter Experience is NOT! It was very well done, interesting, insightful, and provocative. I can’t recommend it highly enough. And I can’t wait until next week.

I encourage you to get this study for your small group, Sunday school class, or family. But hurry so that you can finish it just in time to celebrate Resurrection Day on April 4!

The Easter Experience is available in the Precept Camden Store in the right sidebar.


One thought on “The Easter Experience

  1. This study really is awesome! I’m so excited to see how it is going to affect our lives for Christ!

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