Erasable. . . highlighters?

Yes, you heard me right. Erasable highlighters. They come from Pilot – the same people who make the most awesome Bible marking pens ever invented, the Pilot Frixion Color-Pencil-Like Erasable Gel Ink Pens. And if you think I’m waxing a little too poetic about these pens, then it’s obvious you haven’t tried them. (A 6-pack of these pens is now available in Precept Camden’s Store in the right sidebar.)

I have tried out these highlighters in my Bible as well as in books I am reading. They seem to do great in both. They are not overly “wet” like some highlighters that, as a result, tend to make thin Bible pages crinkle when they dry. And they also have that erasable thing going for them.

And, just for you, I am giving away a set of these erasable highlighters! Just leave a comment on this post. It can be about anything – your favorite Bible marking pens, a great online supplier of writing instruments, how awesome I am. . . You know, anything that comes to mind. I will use a random number generator to choose a winner and will mail them to you. I’ll mail them anywhere – even international. So leave a comment by March 18, 2010, for your chance to win.

A 3-pack of these erasable highlighters is now available in Precept Camden’s Store in the right sidebar.


20 thoughts on “Erasable. . . highlighters?

  1. Feeling so blessed to call you “sister.” Please keep up ALL the GOOD work you are doing for the Lord. In your home, your church, and ONLINE. Thanks for being a “pen” princess! God bless you!

  2. They had those on sale at Staples in January for $1. The pack I picked up only came in yellow, orange and pink. THEY ARE AWESOME!!!

  3. to have a highlighter that does not bleed through the pages sounds wonderful. Thanks for all that you teach and share with us

  4. I have yet to experience the awesomeness of these pens. Mother’s day is on its way though *wink wink* Now someone just needs to forward this to Justin!

  5. Sounds like great pens! I currently use a 10 color set of Pilot pens..ultra fine point…. 0.04!! purchased where I lived overseas. they are called G-TEC-C4 haven’t seen them in shops in America…did find them on the internet but are even more expensive on the web than they were where I lived! would love the possibility to try these pens 🙂
    Hope you feel better soon.
    for prayer: Mom has a pretty bad stomach virus, please pray that she overs it soon….and,I’m also praying that she will be really selfish with it and not pass it on to me!!

  6. I’m hooked on the Jet Pens… will have to introduce Kimo to them once he returns. Could easily become a product of the US Navy, or at least his guys. Thank you for all you do as a wife, mom, Bible study teacher, daughter, sister, friend, aunt, mother-in-law, missionary, cook, cake designer, radio host, kayak paddler, asst. to Alicia, supporter of your pastor (notice I didn’t say “pastor’s wife!”)… and all of the many other hats you wear. Thank you for exemplifying the spirit of Christ! I love ‘ya!

  7. Erasable highlighters sounds like a great idea! I’m the boo boo queen, so the chance to erase and fix them sounds perfect for me! Thank you so much for sharing about these!

  8. Love my pens and carrying case but there is always room for more….hint hint. Thank you for finding them and recommending them. If Kari recommends it…people will buy it.


    and a quick shout out to Kari, the one woman I admire most in this world, I love you!

  10. Thanks for not forgetting about me. Wish I could come, but I think I”ll try to do one online with you.

  11. What a wonderful group of Godly women whom I had the opportunity to meet at the first Bible Study lesson for this current class. The Lord answered my prayer request I shared during this first meeting (I am once again employed and I have benefits. What an AWESOME LORD, but what a BLESSED child I am!) Thanks ladies for your prayers. I hope to attend an evening Bible Study (hint – hint) with you in the future. Kelly Gibson (Kari’s twin)

  12. I sure want to try these pens as well. Is there a possibility of a night bible study? Hint..Hint…I so miss Kari’s study in person.

  13. I always marked my Bible but never thought of a color-coding method or anything. Just recently I purchased a new Bible and wanted to be more selective about “my marking methods. I tried the Staedtler Ergosoft pencil. I purchases them at Staples. They seem to work well so far. The gel pens I have used before didn’t work all the time. But, eraseable highlighters that is interesting and definitely something worth trying.

  14. I saw these online the other day. I thought you would be doing a review on them and lo and behold you did! But I am to little to late I see as I missed the dead line for a freebie by nearly a month! LOL. Great thoughts and keep them coming I love this blog!


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