Coming Soon

The New Inductive Study Series from Precept

Precept Ministries International has some great new materials coming out in the next year. Click here to see the New Product Release Schedule. One of the most exciting new releases we can look forward to is the New Inductive Study Series on Ezekiel anticipated to come out in January 2011. This will complete that series of Bible studies. Inductive Bible studies of  all 66 books of the Bible will be contained in the 31 books in this series. Go here to see a complete listing of this series already out.


2 thoughts on “Coming Soon

  1. This is kind of exciting to see here. I was curious if you guys had any books out in this realm to you guys do a booksneeze type of program? Or are you just simply promoting these books because of they are an excellent resource for inductive study.

  2. I have had a couple of authors personally send me a book to review. And I am working on those. Other than that, the books reviewed here are simply personal recommendations as a resource for inductive Bible study and/or Christian living. Thank you for your comment!

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