Crazy Love

A little over a year ago, my church enacted its plan to connect its members to one another through Community Groups  – small groups which meet in homes during the week for fellowship, prayer, games, food (of course!), and the Word of God. Not a new concept, I know. Although the purpose of our CG’s is not in-depth Bible study, we still want the Word of God to be a part of our time together. All of our CG’s do the same study at the same time. It really brings a cohesiveness to our church body and allows people from different groups to share what they are learning.

Our Community Group Pastor decided that the first book we would do as CG’s would be Crazy Love by Francis Chan. How did it go over? Overwhelmingly, undisputably, unanimously we LOVED it. Loved it. L-O-V-E-D’d it. We would marry it if we could. That’s how much we loved it. We CRAZY loved it.

Francis Chan is awesome. He reminds me of the Christians that I grew up watching, admiring, following. The kind of Christianity he talks about is the kind that was modeled to me at home and at church as I grew up in a wonderful community of faithful family and friends. For many, Crazy Love was a call to a higher walk with God. For me, it was a call back to the fundamental truths of the Christian walk. For you, it may be a little of both.

If you are in a small group, please get the books and the dvd and do this study together. If you aren’t in a small group, please read this book yourself. I think you’ll love it, too.

The Crazy Love book and dvd are available in the Precept Camden Store under Small Group Studies.


One thought on “Crazy Love

  1. I crazy loved the book too. Francis (that’s what I call him) reinforced the fundamental idea that a demonstration of God’s love is vital to any real relationship. It’s reality church – Acts 2 stuff.

    Francis’ passion for God is evident throughout the book. If you haven’t read Crazy Love, I encourage you do do so. It’s a really easy read. If you’ve read it, read it again.

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