Precept Men’s Conference

Precept Ministries is hosting a Men’s Conference in Columbia, SC, June 4-5, 2010, called How Can a Man Live Holy in an Unholy World? The speakers are David Arthur and Brad Bird, and the event is very reasonably priced. Click here for all the info. This will be a life-changing event in the lives of the men in your life. Encourage them to go. Or better yet, buy them tickets for an early Father’s Day present. Your family will reap the benefits of that gift for many years.

A Man’s Strategy for Conquering Temptation by Precept staff member Bob Vereen would also be a great gift for Father’s Day. This 6-week inductive study has no homework. That should appeal to your busy man! This and other great gift ideas can be found in the Precept Camden Store in the right sidebar.


One thought on “Precept Men’s Conference

  1. This was a very good conference. If you couldn’t attend, I would encourage men to keep an eye out for next years conference. I believe it will be an annual event in Columbia, SC.

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