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There are many incredible Bible study software programs available for purchase. There’s PC Study Bible. It’s user friendly and reasonably priced. There’s Logos. It’s complicated to use and pricey, but, boy oh boy, is it a Rolls Royce in a field of Bible software Hyundais. If you are a serious student of the Word, then you need to pack away those bulky, dusty volumes of books and invest in a good software program.

But did you know that there are multitudes of free Bible study resources on the web? One of my favorites is  There are commentaries, dictionaries, encyclopedias, concordances, lexicons, and different translations. It is easy enough for a novice to use and yet has a depth of material that even a seasoned student will appreciate.

Precept Camden loves this free tool so much that we have put a badge in the right sidebar for easy access to all of the valuable resources has to offer. Just click on the picture above or the one just like it in the sidebar, and check out this great free site.


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