See It for Yourself Study: Revive Me, Teach Me

What is the longest chapter in the Bible? With 176 verses, Psalm 119 claims the title. The book of Psalms is my favorite book in the Bible, and Chapter 119 is one of my favorite chapters. It is all about the Word of God and its relationship to our lives and our relationship to it. Do you esteem the Word of God highly in your life? Is it your instruction book for living? Is it a lamp for your feet and a light for your path, as Psalm 119:105 claims it should be?

Click here to download and print a free inductive See It for Yourself Study on Psalm 119:25-40 called “Revive Me, Teach Me” from Precept Ministries International. These quick See It for Yourself Studies (formerly called Lightning Studies) take about 15 minutes to complete and are a great introduction to inductive Bible study. Discover what God says about His Word and the place it should hold in our lives.

For more See It for Yourself/Lightning Studies, click here. For an Introduction to Inductive Bible Study, click here.


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