New study starting soon. Join us!

Without a doubt, the best Bible study I have ever done is the Precept Upon Precept Bible Study entitled Covenant: Knowing God’s Covenant. I have heard Kay Arthur, the author of the study, say many times that it is the most popular of the Precept Upon Precept series. It is one of only a handful of topical studies offered in this series.

Precept Camden will be starting this study on August 31, 2010. For all of the information, go to our Join Our Current Study page. You can do the study with us in person OR online! Go here for details on how to take an online study with us.

Here’s how Precept Ministries describes this study: “See this incredible thread running from Genesis through Revelation. God enters into a binding agreement with His people and always keeps His promises. Trusting Him as a covenant partner frees us from the bondage of worry and anxiety. This study will transform the way you read the Scriptures!”

I couldn’t agree more. My understanding of the Bible as a whole was revolutionized as a result of learning about the incredible covenant-making and covenant-keeping God I serve. I believe yours will be, too.

Two helpful books to accompany this study are The Two Covenants by Andrew Murray and The Blood Covenant by H. Clay Trumbull. But don’t forget: do your own in-depth study of God’s word using Precept’s workbook on Covenant as a guide before you read books about the subject that have been written by man. It is always best to see what God has to say first!


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