Key Word Symbol – “salvation”

My favorite book of the Bible is Psalms. I so easily relate to the psalmist whether it is David, Asaph, the sons of Korah, or any of the other people credited with writing the 150 chapters in this book. The writers are all real people with real problems who cry out to God in their distress and praise Him in their pain.

A key word in the book of Psalms is salvation. When doing inductive Bible study, this is the way I mark it. I use a green gel pen (these are my favorites because they are erasable) to make a semi-circle over the word. I fill it with a green colored pencil. (I’m loving Crayola’s Twistables.) Then I put  a small cross on top with a brown gel pen. (It looks red in the picture, and that would seem entirely appropriate as well.)

You might think that is a lot of work to mark one word. But when studying a passage of Scripture inductively, part of the process is reading and re-reading the text multiple times. I will make the initial semi-circle the first time I read it. Then I will add the other markings during subsequent readings. There is no rule about how to mark words. The important thing is to slow down, read with a purpose, and look for key words. You can adapt my symbol for your own use. Or mark it however you want.

I will be sharing more symbols for key words found in the Book of Psalms in the coming weeks so keep checking back.


2 thoughts on “Key Word Symbol – “salvation”

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