I’ve been a little short on joy lately. Life has been hard. And, yes, I know that as a Christian I am supposed to “count it all joy whenever I encounter various trials.” (James 1:2) Believe me – I know the correct responses to my circumstances. The problem is that I needed a reminder to actually put into practice the things that I already know.

That reminder came in the form of this article by Dr. Charles Stanley in his In Touch Magazine. If you find yourself feeling less than joyful in your current circumstances, I encourage you to read what Dr. Stanley has to say, look up the Scriptures he suggests, and thoughtfully answer the questions at the end of the article. I have read the article several times and am taking my time meditating on the Bible verses. And guess what? It’s helping me to place my focus firmly on Jesus and not on the people and situations around me. Slowly but surely, my joy is being restored.

If you’d like a free subscription to In Touch Magazine, just click here to sign up.


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