Looking for a Precept class in your area?

To find a Precept Bible Study meeting in your area, click here for the Precept Class Locator. You can search every state in the U.S. for a class. You can find the course being offered, where it meets, when it starts, whether or not childcare is offered, and information to reach a contact person. Even if you can’t find a class in your area, don’t despair. A class is only listed if the leader adds the information himself. Another way to find a class is to call Precept Ministries Headquarters (1.800.763.8280) and ask if there is a trained leader where you live. Since training is required to leadPrecept Upon Precept Bible Studies, they usually have names of trained leaders on record.

And then, if all else fails, you can take a Precept class online with us here at Precept Camden! Click here for info on the study we will be starting next week.


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