Want one? Enter to win one!

This study is from Precept Ministries’ New Inductive Study Series. For more information on all of the different Bible study series offered by Precept, go here. Whether you are a new student of the Bible or an experienced theologian, they have a study that will meet you right where you are. To help you decide which study would be best for you, go here.

Precept Camden is giving away a copy of the NISS book on Joshua, Judges, and Ruth called Choosing Victory, Overcoming Defeat by Kay Arthur. To enter, leave a comment on this post by midnight November 7, 2010. A winner will chosen at random and posted on November 8. You can tell me your favorite kind of Bible study, your favorite book of the Bible, or what state you’re from. In other words, any comment will enter you for a chance to win.


13 thoughts on “Want one? Enter to win one!

  1. I am from Washington state and I love precept classes. Kari introduced me to it and now I am doing the book of John here in our state. Not quite the same as Kari’s classes by still a good class.

  2. Got my inductive study bible earlier this year and I’m loving it. Thanks for posting your markings – it’s really helped when I’ve run out of ideas for words. Hope I win!

  3. I live in Louisiana and I love Precept Studies. I am doing the PUP on Ephesians right now and loving it. Thanks for sharing your markings with us online. They are a tremendous help. I use them every week.

  4. I’m from Wyoming. I ran across this website looking for ways to mark key words. My favorite precept study was the book of Hebrews. Our class is currently doing PUP Romans.

  5. I love precept studies and I love the book of Ruth….
    my favorite precept study so far has been covenant but favorite book is Romans..

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