Family Discipleship Plan

Do you desire to follow Christ as a family? Are you looking for a tangible plan to follow to initiate the discipleship process? Precept Ministries has made it easy with their Family Discipleship Plan. They have some helpful tips to guide you through choosing the right material for each member of your family. Precept says this about their plan: “The family discipleship plan is designed for your family to dig into God’s Word together. Moms, dads, children and teens will be able to inductively study the same book of the Bible or topic together. Each family member can study using a series that is age appropriate and fits everyone’s schedule.” Click here to view and print these practical ideas.


The perfect pen for marking your Bible – really!

When I wrote this post and this one telling you about the best pens to mark your Bible when doing inductive Bible study, I did not know that the pens pictured above came in the 8-pack pictured above. I recently wrote the Pilot Pen Company and begged them – nay, pleaded with them – to include a green pen in their package of 6 pens. They promptly responded (the same day) thanking me for my suggestion. They also included a link picturing their pack of 8 Frixion Erasable Gel Pens. Wow, that was fast. I get things done! The packaging and colors are different from these. However, it is the same company and the same erasable ink. That’s really all I need to know.

MP3’s now available from Precept!

If you have ever taken a Precept Upon Precept Bible Study course before, then you know that each class has two parts. First, there is the class discussion. This is where everyone who is taking the class meets together to discuss the previous week’s lesson. This discussion can take place in person, in a chat room, or through any number of technology options available today. For those who meet weekly in person, the second part of the class is spent watching a teaching dvd taught by Kay Arthur or another Precept Ministries staff member. The dvd’s are an excellent addition to the class discussions. They provide a well-rounded study.

The dvd’s are available for purchase at a reasonable price from Precept Ministries. So are audio cd’s of the same teaching found on the dvd’s. However, a great new option is now available. The audio teaching can now be downloaded in mp3 format. Go here to check it out in Precept Ministries’ online store.