I got a Kindle!

In this post, I told you that I wanted a Kindle. Well, almost 11 months after I wrote that, I got one! It was a wonderful Christmas gift and I have really enjoyed it so far. I am going on a trip soon. It is a trip where I need to take my Bible. My big black five pound Bible. Since I am flying, I do not want to use that valuable – and limited – suitcase space and weight for my Bible. So I have downloaded to my Kindle the entire Bible in the version I prefer. Not only do I have a Bible on it, but I also have a lot of reading material for the long flight there and back. All in 8.5 ounces! It still amazes me.

I searched and searched for a cover for my Kindle until I found one that I really liked. Mine is like the one pictured above. Click here to see more available colors. It is from M-Edge. In my opinion, they have the best selection of e-reader accessories on the web. The thing I love about this particular case is that the cover can be flipped back and then the tab inserted into a slot that makes it into a bookstand and allows for hands-free reading. I just love mine. And the e-Luminator touch booklight is the perfect accessory.

Check out all of M-Edge’s Latest Generation Kindle accessories here.


Precept Blog Talk Radio

Precept Ministries International has a talk radio show that airs live online here. It will be airing live tonight at 7:00 p.m. (Eastern Time). Guests will be Pete DeLacy and Tommye Hammel. Host David Lawson will be discussing with them “Writing, Publishing, and Piloting a Precept Upon Precept Bible Study.”

The show airs on Mondays but not every Monday. You’ll have to check the site for the next air date as well as information on the next topic they will be discussing. Precept staff member and author David Lawson is the host of the show. David became a Precept leader in 1982, after being an Atlanta police officer and a pastor. He serves as Director of Church and Ministry Relations for Precept Ministries International. David has coauthored some of the New Inductive Study Series (NISS) and40-Minute Bible Studies, and is a featured speaker in Precept Upon Precept videos.

You can listen to the always interesting discussion or you can call in and ask a question. Either way, I encourage you to tune in to Precept Blog Talk Radio. Tune in tonight if you can. To find out the next air date and topic of discussion, click here.

Great Pencil Case

Show me a serious inductive Bible study student and I’ll show you a connoisseur of writing instruments. There’s nothing like finding that perfect color or ink for marking key words in the text. (For a free downloadable intro to inductive Bible study, click here.) The collection tends to grow over time. That leaves us with the problem of where exactly do we put them and how exactly do we carry them with us to Bible study, to church, on vacation, etc.? Well, Jet Pens has this great case that has more than enough room for pens, pencils, bookmarks, stickies, a notepad, and more! Check it out here.


Every Drop Counts!

Summer will be here before we know it. If you live in an area of the United States that has seen record snowfall and winter weather this year, then it probably can’t get here soon enough for you! With the advent of summer comes a common summer ritual in churches all across the country – and even the world: Vacation Bible School. Or VBS, as it is universally called.

Every Drop Counts! is the 2011 VBS Project of the EFCA, but it is open to churches of every denomination. The EFCA website says this about Every Drop Counts!Funds raised will be used to supply water filtration systems to the poorest of the poor; children in Haiti and Kolkata, India. We hope to provide hundreds of children in Haiti and India with clean, safe water through the offerings of children in VBS programs around the country.

What a great way to get kids helping kids in an incredibly beneficial and tangible way. Kids love to collect change and bring it for an offering. Why not have a good old-fashioned boys-versus-girls coin-collecting contest? This is one of those projects where every penny truly does count.

Click here for more information on the Every Drop Counts! 2011 VBS Project.

“And whoever in the name of a disciple gives to one of these little ones even a cup of cold water to drink, truly I say to you, he shall not lose his reward.” Matthew 10:42