The *NEW* How to Study Your Bible

If you are interested in learning how to study the Bible inductively, then you need to get The New How to Study Your Bible by Kay Arthur, David Arthur, and Pete De Lacy. I guess you could say it’s the “Bible” of inductive Bible study books. Originally published in 1985 under the title How to Study Your Bible Precept upon Precept, the book was revised and updated in 1994. This latest updated edition includes fresh insights and contributions by not only Kay Arthur but also her son David as well as COO of Precept Ministries International Pete De Lacy.

With over a half million copies sold, the book has helped so many people discover truth from God’s Word for themselves. It teachs valuable tools to dig out truths from Scripture. And those nuggets that you have mined yourself not only become more valuable but they also stay in your heart and your mind much longer. Interacting with the text through inductive Bible study gets it down deep in your heart.

So get this book, open your Bible, and get started on the wonderful adventure of studying the Bible inductively. For a free downloadable Introduction to Inductive Bible Study, click here.


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