Live Online Summer Bible Studies

So what are your plans for summer? A cruise to the Bahamas? Camping in Colorado? Hiking across Europe? Maybe you don’t have anything quite so exotic planned, but I hope that somewhere in there you have planned to study God’s Word. Here at Precept Camden our Bible studies generally run with the school year which means we don’t meet for the summer months. However, there is a danger to put the Bible on the shelf and not do any in-depth studying until we resume in the fall (i.e., when school starts back).

Precept Ministries International has a solution to that! They have several live online studies that will be running throughout the summer. That means you can take your Bible study on vacation with you – as long as you have access to the internet! One of them is the pilot study for their new study on 1st Corinthians which starts June 9 and will be led by Pete DeLacy. (I’ll always have a soft spot for Pete because he was the trainer for the very first Precept training class that I took way back in 1993.) For more information on this study, click here.

For information on other live online Bible studies from Precept Ministries, click here. Make the most of your summer by including Bible study in your vacation plans!


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