New Study Starting in August!

August is back-to-school time for many kids. At least, it is here in SE Georgia. And when school gets back in the swing, so does Precept Camden and its weekly Bible study. We are very excited about our study which will begin August 16, 2011. We will be using the workbook Behold, Jesus Is Coming by mother/son writing team Kay and David Arthur to study the book of Revelation. This is from Precept Ministries’ “New Inductive Study Series” (NISS). The NISS studies use the inductive method, as do all of Precept’s materials, and require approximately 15 to 20 minutes of study per day. One of the exciting things about this series is that Precept has a study for every book in the Bible! Check out the whole series here.

The book of Revelation has held people spellbound for years, probably as soon as it made its way from John’s hands on the Isle of Patmos and into the canon of Scripture almost 2,000 years ago. Considered “unknowable” by some, Revelation has confused, delighted, intrigued, fascinated, engrossed, and even polarized Christians. Join Precept Camden as we delve into the Book of Revelation and discover the truth for ourselves. Learn God’s plan for the last days, if we are living in the last days, and how Bible prophecy relates to our everyday lives and how we live.

For more information on joining this study, click here.


3 thoughts on “New Study Starting in August!

  1. OK, let me try that again…. No, it’s not too late to join. Just order your book and I’ll be in touch before Aug. 16. My life has NO normalcy!!! My first granddaughter was born Monday – 3 weeks early. So we spent last week frantically trying to get the nursery done since mommy was on bed rest. Then she arrived by C-section Monday and my days are spent running to the hospital every day. In fact, on my way there now. Hopefully, life will slow down soon. I’ll get back with you soon. God bless! Kari

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