New Kid’s Precept Study on Esther

Esther is, I think, one of the most-loved people in the Old Testament. For centuries women have aspired to her beauty, grace, integrity, and courage. Hollywood has made more than one movie about her. (Click here to see a few.) And of course, we often quote the words that her cousin Mordecai spoke to her as he encouraged her to accept God’s plan for her life and save her people the Jews from their mortal enemy, the evil Haman. Mordecai tells her, ” And who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14)

Now your kids can study about this fascinating queen and learn from her godly example in Precept Ministries International’s brand new book called God Has Big Plans for You, Esther by Kay Arthur and Janna Arndt – the latest in PMI’s Discover for Yourself (D4Y) series. The D4Y books are inductive Bible studies for kids ages 8-12. These creative books – that are really workbooks full of fun games and activities – guide kids through different books of the Bible so that they can “discover truth for themselves.” In each book amateur detectives Max and Molly (and their beagle Sam) go on a adventure that leads the reader through the study of a particular book of the Bible. In God Has Big Plans for You, Esther Max and Molly visit Washington, D.C., and the Capitol building and in the process unearth an incredible story – the story of Esther and how God used her to save her people.

Even though these wonderful D4Y studies are for ages 8-12, they can be used with younger children as well as long as someone works through the workbook with them. And more than one adult has found them beneficial in simplifying often complex topics such as Bible prophecy, the inductive study method, and the book of Revelation!

To see all of PMI’s titles in this series, click here.


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