Japanese Roll Pen Case

It is no secret that Precept Camden loves Jet Pens. They have made us #1 fans of Japanese office supplies. Really, just do a search of Jet Pens on this site and you’ll see. And we all know how much inductive Bible study students need/love/want/collect/hoard/covet pens and pencils. Therefore, we need/love/want/collect/hoard/covet cases in which to store them.

Here is another wonderful pen case from Jet Pens. They are made in Japan from beautiful traditional Japanese fabrics and have 3 inside pockets. You put your pens and pencils in the pockets, cover them with the fabric flap, roll them up, and tie the case with a black cord.

Click here to see more fabric choices. Precept Camden is partial to the mustard yellow print. And here is another nifty Japanese pencil case from Jet Pens. This one is also a favorite but not a Japanese design and not from Jet Pens. Check out ALL of the Japanese office supply awesomeness at Jet Pens. Tell them Precept Camden sent you. 😉


4 thoughts on “Japanese Roll Pen Case

  1. I love JetPens. Just wish they had a brick & mortar store so I could stop in and see all their merchandise in person. But that would be even more dangerous for my wallet. (^o^)

  2. Oohhh….I like what I see. Love how it rolls up. Might have to get one, or tell my Hubby that I like it and he can get it for me. 🙂

  3. I just found this website. I am a Precept Leader in Minnesota. I went to the jet pens website and saw lots of pens/pencils. Which ones do you use for marking key words?

  4. Kim, Welcome to Precept Camden! From Jet Pens, these are my favorite: https://preceptcamden.com/2009/06/15/im-in-love/
    The same pen/same ink packaged for USA markets and available through Amazon are these: https://preceptcamden.com/2011/02/10/the-perfect-pen-for-marking-your-bible-really/
    Not as many colors as Jet Pens, but I have found that in the 24 pack from Jet Pens many of the colors are so close that they are almost duplicates. The ones from Amazon are really the only colors you need. Combine them with Twistables Color Pencils from Crayola and you have the perfect match – as I said in this post: https://preceptcamden.com/2010/07/23/pens-and-pencils-the-final-word-on-the-perfect-match/
    Thank you for visiting my site. Look around some more and keep checking back as I continually add more helpful info. Tell your students to check it out, too. God bless!

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