Worth the price of admission


An easy way to keep track of your marking symbols

*Originally posted March 2, 2009, I thought this was worth repeating. A great way to keep track of your key word symbol markings when doing inductive Bible study.

I wish I could say that I thought of this. Actually, I could’ve taken credit for it and you would never have known that I didn’t think of it. I know, I know – that wouldn’t be honest. That’s why I’m telling you that this idea is not original with me. I was at a Precept event in, I believe, Orlando several years ago. BJ Lawson was the trainer, and someone in the class made this suggestion. I don’t think I even saw the person who said it from the back of the room. But every time I share this brilliant solution with anyone, the reaction is always the same: a moment of silent awe and then a slowly dawning expression of wonder, appreciation, and a now-why-didn’t-I-think-of-that look.

So here it is. Drumroll, please. . . An easy, at-your-fingertips way of keeping up with your key word marking symbols is to mark the words in the concordance at the back of your Bible. Of course, every single word you want to mark will not be in your concordance. But, let’s face it, if it is a key word throughout Scripture, then it will probably rate being in the concordance. I have the New Inductive Study Bible and have found that its concordance has quite a lot of the words I mark.

I hope that rocks your world of key word marking the way it did mine. As BJ said that day when the suggestion was made in her class, “Now that was worth the price of admission!”


Revelation Illustrated

Precept Camden is currently studying the book of Revelation using this workbook written by Kay Arthur as a guide. As we study this incredible book, part of the learning process has been to draw – or attempt to draw – some of the scenes described by the Apostle John. This is a helpful study tool that aids in the retention of information. However, few of us have created beautiful works of art that we would be proud to show to others, much less hang on our walls. It is a study tool and not much else.

But there is someone who has created stunning works of art illustrating various scenes from the book of Revelation. Pat Marvenko Smith has interpreted the visions of Revelation and created vivid, imaginative illustrations of various scenes. They are available for sale as fine art prints, a cd (which can be used to create power point presentations), and even a dvd. Visit the website Revelation Illustrated to view the artwork or to purchase products.