Shoes for Orphans

TOMS Shoes has been doing it for several years now. Buy a pair of their shoes for yourself and they will send a pair of new shoes to a child in need. They call it One for One. It is a wonderful program that has inspired other companies to be more philanthropic. Global Fingerprints is also providing kids in need with free shoes. For just $10, you can provide a pair of shoes for an orphan who would otherwise be walking to school in bare feet. So for the average price of one pair of TOMS, through Global Fingerprints’ program, you can buy a pair of shoes for at least 5 children. For the same price of some of the newest styles of TOMS, you could buy shoes for 10 children! And let’s face it – you don’t really need a pair of shoes for yourself. For more information on providing shoes for orphans through Global Fingerprints, click here or on the picture above.


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