*NEW* Inductive Study Bible!


If you are looking for a study Bible, you can stop now. This is it. This is THE ONE. It truly is the best study Bible available. It is The New Inductive Study Bible from Precept Ministries International.

In my opinion, one of the most important features of a good study Bible is lack of commentary. Yes, lack of commentary. If you are studying the Bible yourself, why would you want someone else’s study notes right on the page? You should come to the Scriptures with fresh, unbiased eyes and heart. Dig deep into the words yourself. Meditate on them. Pray hard over them. Read them over and over and over again. Take notes. Do word studies. Make lists. Then after you have done all of those things, you can pick up a commentary and read what someone else has discovered in their own personal time of study. After doing your own in-depth studying, you will be prepared to discern the opinion of the commentator. Are his conclusions correct? Is his worldview biblical? Does he accept the inerrancy of the Bible as the Word of God? Once you’ve studied it for yourself, you will be equipped to answer those questions in an accurate and knowledgeable way.

This brand new edition of The New Inductive Study Bible has all of the great features and resources of previous editions. The hardback version is shown above, but the bonded leather version comes in 2 new colors –  soft green and  charcoal. And there’s also a genuine leather version. Another bonus – this new edition comes in the ESV as well as the NASB translation!

Click here to read more about all of the features of this great study Bible or to order one from Precept Ministries. The hardcover NASB and ESV can also be ordered from the Precept Camden Store in the right sidebar.


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