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Stand Up Pencil Case

Stand Up Pencil Cases

I have decided that I need several of these Kokuyo NeoCritz Transformer Pencil Cases from JetPens. (Also available from Amazon by clicking here.)Not only do they hold your writing instruments, but as their name indicates, they transform into something else – a standing pencil holder! I’d like to have different colors to hold the different kinds of marking tools that I use when doing inductive Bible study. I think I’ll get the orange one to hold my favorite pens, the green one for my favorite colored pencils, and the yellow one for the new markers I got on my trip to Japan this past summer.

Which one(s) do you think you need?

Jerusalem the Movie

Jerusalem the Movie


The capital of ancient Israel may be less than half a square mile, but Jerusalem is one of the most pivotal cities in all of human history. It has been besieged, destroyed, and rebuilt several times and remains one of the most beautiful yet controversial places on earth.

National Geographic has made a film about Jerusalem in 3D for the big screen. JERUSALEM is currently showing in IMAX theaters, science centers and other venues around the world. To find a theater near you showing this remarkable movie, click here. For more information on the making of the movie or to watch the movie trailer, click here.

Find a Bible Study

Going to church on Sundays and worshiping with a local body of believers is essential to being a healthy Christian who is learning and growing in grace and in the faith. Church attendance doesn’t save anyone, but it is very often a pretty good barometer of your walk with Christ. Weekly fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ helps keep you accountable, it encourages you as well as others in your local church, it challenges you to persevere through trials, ¬†and it’s fun! (Or at least it should be! )

As you can tell, we at Precept Camden firmly believe in serving faithfully in a local body of believers. Another important aspect of spiritual growth is attending a weekly Bible study where you dig deep into the Word of God and discover it’s truths for yourself. Precept Ministries International, known as the “Inductive Bible Study People,” provides some of the highest quality training available to those desiring to lead a Bible study. They will also help you find a Bible study in your area so that you can attend in person or help you find one online that you can attend virtually.

To find a Bible study that’s right for you – an in-person OR an online one – just click here.