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Evil did not win.

Evil did not win

Emilie Parker, 6 year old victim of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting


One year ago today an unspeakable tragedy occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. Twenty children and six adults were killed in what is known as the second deadliest mass shooting in the history of our country. One of those victims was Emilie Parker (pictured above). On December 14, 2012, it seemed that evil triumphed with each blast of the shooter’s gun. However, Emilie’s mother declares that evil did NOT win that day. Click here to watch a short video chronicling her story of grief and hope. I know that it will give you hope as well.

Take time today to pray for all of the people whose lives are forever changed because of that day.

Festival of Lights


This year Hanukkah begins the evening of November 27 and ends the evening of December 5. Also called Chanukkah or the Festival of Lights, it is a Jewish holiday which not only celebrates a extraordinary victory of a small group of brave and vastly outnumbered Jews over the mighty Syrian-Greek army, but it also commemorates a miracle that took place in the Temple after the battle. When the Jews took back possession of the Temple from their foes in the 2nd century B.C., they wanted to light the candelabrum that was supposed to burn continually in the Temple. However, there was only enough properly consecrated oil to burn for one day. They lit the candles anyway, and that one day supply of oil miraculously burned for eight days until more oil could be prepared.

A fascinating fact about Hanukkah 2013 is that it begins the evening of our Thanksgiving Day which is November 27 this year. This hasn’t happened since 1888, and some say it won’t happen again until the year 79,811!

You can find more information about the history and celebration of this special Jewish holiday at the very informative website

For some beautiful and useful Hanukkah printables from The Toymaker, click here.

Jerusalem the Movie

Jerusalem the Movie


The capital of ancient Israel may be less than half a square mile, but Jerusalem is one of the most pivotal cities in all of human history. It has been besieged, destroyed, and rebuilt several times and remains one of the most beautiful yet controversial places on earth.

National Geographic has made a film about Jerusalem in 3D for the big screen. JERUSALEM is currently showing in IMAX theaters, science centers and other venues around the world. To find a theater near you showing this remarkable movie, click here. For more information on the making of the movie or to watch the movie trailer, click here.

2013 Young Women in Worship Retreat

YWIW 2013


For more information on this wonderful retreat for ALL women – young women ages 14-25 and their moms and mentors – click on the image above. It will be held on the Gulf Coast in beautiful Orange Beach, AL.

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