Key Word Symbols

BRAND NEW Key Word Symbol Sheets can be found here!


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  3. This is so great!!! Now I can spend more time studying rather than trying to create key word symbols. 🙂

  4. Need help printing on one page. It is cutting off at the bottom and I can’t figure out how to do it. I did change my bottom margin. by the way these are great!!

  5. This obviously took a lot of time and thought. Thanks for sharing!!
    For those with printing challenges, the originals appear to be on legal size paper so you can try changing your print settings and use that size paper.
    An option for regular 8X11 paper, go to “print preview” on the file menu. Click on “shrink to fit”. From that drop down menu, I chose “custom” which gave me another box where I could fill in a percentage. I used “47” and “48”. Press enter. You can drag to adjust the margins from here if you wish. Click on the printer icon to print the page you see in the preview window. The font was still large enough to be easily legible. Hope this helps.

  6. I struggle with filling in the Inductive Bible Study At a Glance Charts. Can anyone who has experience with filling in the Segment Divisions assist me. I have bought nearly all of Kay Arthur’s Inductive Study Series( only have Ezekiel and Romans still to purchase) yet cannot find any lessons in any of her books written on how to approach and complete segment divisions. How does she fill in the segment divisions on the chart? I am currently busy with the book of 1 john.

    Mike Dellar

  7. If printing is a problem, try going to print preview, changing the size from (scale to fit) to (custom) and make it either 40 or 45%. Worked for me. These look very helpful!

  8. Mike, I’m sorry for not responding sooner to your question about segment divisions. For some reason, I have not been getting notice about comments to this page so I just saw all of these! Segment divisions baffle a lot of people so don’t feel like it’s just you. It took me years to really understand segment divisions. Most of my students wrestle with doing them. First, let me recommend “How to Study Your Bible” by Kay Arthur (can be found in Precept Camden’s store by clicking on PRECEPT CAMDEN STORE in the right sidebar). There should be a section on segment divisions in that book. Second, you have inspired me to write a post on this process of coming up with segment divisions – so be looking for that in the near future!

  9. Thank you very much! I am slightly visually impaired, so in addition to a print out, I wanted to get the pages into PDF format. I used a freeware converter (BullZip) that allows me to “print” to PDF file format from my MS Word. When I’m working in Logos instead of on paper, I can open the PDF file and increase the size so they mark-ups are easier for me to see.

    Your work is greatly appreciated! See you in “Behold, Jesus is Coming” in a week or so, Lord willing!

  10. Hi, I’m still having issues with printing. When I choose ‘custom’ it defaults to 100%. I’ve changed it to 48, but of course that makes it smaller. Is it possible to get a copy of the actual document?


  11. Jennifer, I’m not sure why you are having problems. It must be a setting on your computer or printer. Could you try asking a friend to print them out for you? If that doesn’t work, then email me at and send me your snail mail address and I will mail hard copies to you.

  12. This is great. Thank you so much for posting this. I am just getting started with the inductive method and having the symbols makes it much easier. I appreciate you helping others in their study of God’s Word.

  13. Wow! I am so thankful to have run across this site! I begin teaching my first inductive study tonight. I was looking for examples of symbols to give my students, and WAHLAH! Thank you so much. I will be back over & over again.

  14. I can’t tell you how much this means to me to have consistency with my markings. Just finished my first Precept (now starting second)…I have been overwhelmed but immensly blessed. I love having this to get me past my own limitations. Bless you for sharing!!!!

  15. Right in the middle of my first precept, and I decided to google “precept key word symbols” because I got to “decree” – you were first on the list! These are awesome! Just wish I would’ve thought to search BEFORE I started…because now I want to go back and change some but it’s too late:( Thanks for doing this!

  16. When referring to God, I mark all synonyms, including Father, the same: with a purple triangle colored in yellow.

  17. I am fairly new to Precepts. Thank you for posting the symbols!

    I had no problem printing most of the pages, but the pages for C-D, E-G, H-K came out
    very blurry and totally illegible. I tried copying the images both to Publisher and to Word but neither worked. All the other pages printed out very clearly and are very helpful.

    Is there anything you can suggest?

    Thank you!

    Carol Borreson

  18. Shelly, So glad you found helpful resources at! Feel free to share the Key Word Symbol pages with your class. And thank you for giving credit. That’s all I ask in return for the use of them. God bless!

  19. A question for other posters on this site…has anyone given much thought to doing an A-Z pocket guide book on Inductive Bible Study Symbols like what is on this site( it could be like an A-Z book of Inductive Bible Study Symbols published and distributed through Precept International to students worldwide, with links to websites that provide ideas and handdrawn symbols as well as software that is provided for designing one’s own symbols…it could also include a section on interpreting difficult segment divisions with sample pages from actual classes)

    Mike Dellar

  20. No, and that is way beyond my expertise but I would applaud and USE such an animal if it existed. Thanks for the thought, I hope someone takes it and runs with it. Marie

  21. Refering to my earlier post on Segment Divisions in the Inductive Study Process….This is not a critisism, just an observation… I have Kay’s Books on How to Study the Bible as well as her workbook… Now for my questions:
    1. Why is only one sample given (i.e The Book of John)?
    2. Where can I find a useful on- line line link to help me with transcribing Segment Divisions to my Inductive Study Bible
    3. When is Kay Arthur going to publish a workbook on Interpreting and Filling in Segment Divisions( please do not include her current The New How to Study Your Bible Workbook- I already have it and whilst it is helpful, not enough sample examples are given on Segment Division, other than the book of John if I am correct)
    4.Why are there rectangular blocks next to the chapter themes( what is entered here?) and then further down longer rectangular blocks below?( what is entered here?)

    Can someone who has experience or even Kay Arthur please post some filled in and fully completed AT A GLANCE Segment Division Charts to Sample here on this site… I am sure all would benefit and a follow up workbook published on this difficult to do section of The At A GLANCE Worksheet would greatly help

    Mike Dellar

  22. The answer to my prayers(read my post above):

    Just found a very useful book on doing Inductive Bible Study Segment Divisions, whilst searching the web.It is entitled : Anaylitical Bible Study Charts by Jentzen L. Irving. It can be bought from at $34.95. I would also look out for Independant Bible Study by the same author. Both books come highly recommended.

    Mike Dellar

    P.S. Keep up the good work Precept Camden. You are blessing others with this site

  23. Thanks to whoever published this. Now I can focus more time in the Word rather than getting bogged down coming up with a symbol. I wish I had had this years ago when I first started Inductive Bible Study.

  24. Suzanne, you are very welcome! I’m glad that you found the Key Word Symbol sheets helpful. Creating them was quite tedious since I did all of the symbols by hand, but people from all over the world have accessed them so it was worth it!

  25. I don’t believe I have a symbol yet for “elect.” If I come up with one, I’ll let you know!

  26. No problem, thanks for the reply! I’m doing the Kay Arthur Ephesians study at the moment, and she said that I can mark predestination and the elect (or “chosen”) if I want, but she didn’t say how to mark them. I might just leave them unmarked for now.

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  28. Mike, I’m glad you found the book by Irving L. Jensen. I’m pretty sure that is who inspired Kay Arthur to start studying inductively. I have heard her mention him on more than one occasion. Let me know if you find that book helpful. I have many students struggle with segment divisions and I’d like to be able to recommend it if it would help them understand. Blessings!

  29. This is fantastic…I am going to share this website with others that I know that want to do inductive study but cannot because of child care timing or whatever the reason….Online willl be awesome for them…..Thanks for your obedience…And most assuredly thanks for your posting of the key word symbols….May you be blessed in allll that you do….

  30. I am always glad for people to use and share my Key Word Symbol pages as long as you link back to and don’t post the pages without proper credit. Thank you and enjoy!

  31. THANK YOU!! I can’t tell you what a relief it is to come across your key word symbols. I am just now going to start studying the bible through the Inductive bible study approach. I am really excited about it. When I went to start, I was stumped as to how I would make my symbols. You have saved me countless hours of laboring over making my own Key Word Symbols. Again, I must say thank you!! I look forward to joining your online bible studies through the Inductive Bible Study method. I wish I could have found your site when you started the book of Philippians. It is my favorite book in the bible. OK, I am starting to ramble…

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  33. Thank you so much, key word symbols are a blessing. It is great you are still online as we have newbies to our Precept class.

  34. Hi- the watermarks obscure a half dozen or so of the symbols unless there is a different way to print without the watermarks? I bet that the target audience (people studying the Bible) are generally honest enough not to remove your attribution if you put it in a header or footer, or position the watermark so that it does not spoil your otherwise very nice artwork.

  35. Chas, I wish you were right. However, I’ve had MANY instances where people have taken my hard work and put it on their own website without linking back here. Someone even cropped every single symbol and put it on her site. Most of the time, people just aren’t aware of “blog etiquette” which says to always link back to the source. I apologize if the watermarks are inconvenient. I did look at each page and it looks to me like you can see through the mark to every symbol. I didn’t see any that were obscured so that they couldn’t be seen. However, I will definitely take your comments into consideration and see if perhaps the watermark could be lightened even more. Thank you for visiting Precept Camden!

  36. Thanks for sharing this list. It has been very helpful! And, you have put a lot a work into relieving me from having to skip this part of the homework! 🙂 Thanks again.

  37. Antonette, I’m so glad you’ve found them helpful. And it’s a blessing to know that the Key Word Symbol sheets have helped you complete your homework! Just remember – what symbol you use isn’t as important as digging out the truth found in God’s Word. Blessings!

  38. I love your Key Word Symbol chart and I am afraid you are right about having to mark it in such a way to show that ii is in fact, your own creative work. You do offer your chart free of charge which is a huge blessing to so many of us who need the symbols and lack the time, creativity, and organization to put one together for ourselves. I believe if you took all markings away, your Key Word Symbol chart would go viral on the net in 2 hours. lol All I know, is that when tasked with having to make symbols for my bible study I spent more time worrying about making the symbols than studying The Word! So thankful I am to be allowed to use your Key Word Symbols with or without watermark, I mean no offense to any person by the posting of my comments.

  39. One of the ladies in the 1 Peter class I led found this site! What was so cool was she was brand new to Precept and she was able to find these! She used to work for Microsoft so she knew her way around computers!

  40. Thank you for making marking just a little easier. For I know I want to spend most of my time studying, not figuring out what color or color combination do I use this time.

  41. Kudos to Kari on this key word list. I am awed by the labor of love you put forth on this amazing list. As a leader of Precepts I had been helping my students with colors and symbols but now this will make it so much easier on me in helping them. Thank you so much Kari.

  42. I have been enjoying using your symbols for a few weeks now, and I had downloaded them onto my iPad as a single pdf. After backing up, they were not save, so I went to download them again. I don’t seem to have the option of downloading them together, but only as separate pages. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

  43. RBC Scotland, sorry that you have to download as separate pages, but that is how they were created. Clicking on each picture should allow you to download each page. I apologize if that’s inconvenient for you, but because of the way I created the pages themselves, there isn’t really another way to do it. Hope you can use them anyway. Blessings.

  44. Well, that’s disappointing. I had enjoyed using your symbols, but eight separate pdfs would not be very user friendly. Do you mind if I ask why you made the change?

  45. I haven’t made any changes. This is the way they have always been. It seems that perhaps it could be an issue on your end. I have other iPad users who say when they click on one, they all download. Would it help you if I emailed them to you? If so, send me your email address at

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  47. Thank you so much for this. I was worried the watermark would obscure too much but was able to make out what I needed to. I’m looking for two symbols: 1) a symbol to use for “spirit,” as in a person’s spirit, not the Holy Spirit (there is a verse where I’d like to differentiate the two); and 2) a symbol for “man” used as “mankind;” there is a symbol for “man,” as in when the gender indicates a male person – but “mankind” is a different concept.

  48. I love this! Thank you. I do have one to add. I needed one for Unity. So, like wedding rings that are overlapped, much like you would see on wedding invitations resembling the bridegroom and his brides rings. I used purple. I also love to have everything with me when I go to church, so I took the symbols from your listing and created a small, single page that fits into my bible. So many people have asked me where I got this. I told them to go to your website and print off the symbols pages and use those to create one. I also told them to always redirect this back to Camden Precepts. Thank you for doing this for your fellow believers in Christ.

  49. This has been a tremendous help to me. I started making a list this morning of symbols so all of my Precept Studies would have the same symbols and also I wanted to transfer all of my studies with symbols to my Precept Bible. I have been doing Precepts for approximately 20 years so I have quite a task ahead of me. Thank you so much and God bless Gloria Wheeler

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  51. Thank you so very much! These are so valuable to a new Precept Student who is just starting out. Will use these often! 🙂

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  53. Could you maybe add updates after you finish a book? For example, I am going through the PuP studies on Ezekiel and there are key words that aren’t included on your chart. I know adjusting each document would take time, but maybe just have a PDF for Ezekiel, or Acts, o whatever study you have just finished… Just an idea! Thanks for sharing your hard work and ministry! — Amanda

  54. Hey Amanda, that’s a great idea. I’m currently doing the book of Joshua and I decided to just create a list for myself with the symbols and then I keep it in my book. If you need help, I’d be happy to help you out. I love all these symbols. I’m a creative person and so this is right up my alley. I’ve had so much fun that it almost doesn’t feel like bible study. I love it. Just reply back to this if you need any suggestions or help. blessings.

  55. Amanda, with each PUP study you do, part of the instructions are to create a bookmark. I believe that it is an important learning tool for each student to do this. And the PUP books have a bookmark on the back of each workbook to make it easy to add your own symbols. I studied Ezekiel after I had created the Key Word Symbol sheets so that’s why symbols specific to Ezekiel are not on it. The process for creating the KWS sheets is quite labor intensive so there’s no way I could amend them after each study. There is room on each sheet to add your own words and symbols. However, we are getting ready to study Acts here at Precept Camden (in person AND online) and one of the resources I have created to share with my students is a list of Key Words from Acts. I am not, however, going to mark them because not everyone uses the same symbols that I do. Thank you for your suggestions and I will keep them in mind as I continue to create and share tools and resources to help everyone study God’s Word.
    Thank you for visiting Precept Camden!

  56. Found a GREAT set of colored pencils for marking your bible. Staedtler Mars, I got mine at the local hobby store (Michaels). They don’t break, they are soft and don’t tear your bible pages and they come in 24 colors and a cool case to keep them in. They are a triangle shape but they sharpen with a regular old pencil sharpner. You can also use your 40% off coupon at Michaels and Hobby Lobby so the cost is reasonable. I figure with as much as I mark in my bible these are good for 4 to 5 PUP studies.

  57. For those who are looking for elect or chosen, I draw a person (Kay Arthur Version, you know round circle, upside down v and then arms or a straight line). I then draw a circle around them because they were chosen or elect. Hope that helps.

  58. This morning I just finished the Joshua study – incredible study. I’ve seen several people ask for Precept Camden to do markings on particular books and I can tell you that this would be mind boggling to do. However, I like to say that if anyone is going to do the Joshua Study and would like a copy of my “Bookmark” that I made, using the Precept Camden Symbol guide, a well as a few that I’ve used for a while, I’d be happy to email you a copy. I’ve got it typed up, the symbols drawn in and I alphabetized it. Just email me at ( and I’d be happy to forward it to you. Thank you Precept Camden for doing all these symbols, it does make like easy when doing a PUP study. Blessings everyone.

  59. Linda, that sounds like a great way to mark “elect” or “chosen.” There is a symbol on Precept Camden’s Key Word Symbols sheets for “chosen,” but I always encourage people to come up with their own symbols. Our sheets are just suggestions. Keep studying inductively! 🙂

  60. What a blessing!!! Thank you for all the time and effort you have devoted to this and for your willingness to share 😉

  61. Thank you for posting these I could study more with ease because it takes time to think how would I mark key words distinctively! …Aprilyn

  62. I’m just starting out. This is too much. Do you have a beginner’s marking system. Maybe for only 12 colors and not so many symbols?

  63. Kristy,
    These markings are not meant to all be used at once. All of these words are not key words in every book of the Bible. Each book of the Bible will have a different list of key words. These symbols are to be used as a reference. They are not to be used as a list to start marking in every in book. There are fewer than 12 colors used in my Key Word Symbol pages. It might look like more, but it isn’t. You can mark words any way you want with one color or more. It’s up to you.
    Have you done an inductive Bible study before? If you are a beginner, I would recommend that you start by doing the study “Lord, Teach Me to Study the Bible in 28 Days” by Kay Arthur. I also recommend that you get into a local Precept Bible study to help you learn the tool of inductive Bible study.
    Please don’t be overwhelmed. Marking key words is a tool of inductive Bible study, but it isn’t the main objective. The real objective is to learn God’s Word to know Him better so that you can serve Him and fulfill His will for your life. It’s like a carpenter has a tool box full of tools. A hammer is a tool but it isn’t the main thing. The carpenter’s true objective is to build something. His tools help him do that. Don’t focus on the tool; focus on the objective – knowing God!
    Please email me at if you have any other questions or if I can help you find a local or an online class. Don’t give up!

  64. Kristy, Here’s how I do mine when studying on my own. I use this wonderful keyword list as a reference and you will find when doing your study that there are words that you “personally” want to make. What I do, is I look at the beginning of the chapter in the Inductive study bible for each book that I study. In the preface of each book there is a category “Things to Do”, if you read through that they have stated what words you should be sure to mark. I will read through the chapter first without marking anything, then I read through it again and mark the words that are either in the “things to do list”, located in the front section of each book of the bible, or I will use the words that they indicate in the Precept upon Precept lesson. Also on the back cover of each lesson there is a bookmark with the keywords that you should focus on marking. Of course, you can mark just about anything that you want and the way that you want. You should see my Ezekiel chapters that I’ve done, oh my are they colorful. I also keep mine to 12 colors but I’ve also added gold and silver (I use colored pencils) so that I can mark certain things that I want to remember. In addition to that, I found some mechanical pencils that have colored leads in them (Pink, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Turquoise & Red). I use these to underline different scriptures and still be able to see all the markings. I know it can be confusing because it was to me. So I just stopped, read over everything again and then it became so clear on how to do this. The first time I did it there were very few markings, but then I got into other studies by Precept and I started doing more. Hope this helps. Please email me if you need any help.

  65. I agree. What a wonderful aide. Thank you, now I can give more time to study instead of inventing symbols.

  66. How do I print the key-word page without the banner running diagonally across the page? Thank you for all the work that has gone into creating this!

  67. Jeanne, due to people previously taking credit and publishing these as theirs, I know not a cool thing of them to do, the banner is there. However, when you print it, mine came out very light. Hope that helps.

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  69. Thank you so much for sharing. May the Lord bless you with many stars in your crown for your generosity to me and many other believers to learn God’s precepts. Merry Christmas

  70. This is a true blessing! Thank you this has helped me so much!

    Question: I did my first online Bible study “Why Study The Bible Inductively” on Psalms 56 with Precept a short while ago and I was able to use some of these symbols for marking it on my Mac, it was awesome and oh so helpful! Can these be used on any of my iPad or Mac Bible studies, if so, how? Any help would be greatly appreciated! (I plan on reading through your past followers posts I’m sure I’ll find lots of answers, thanks again).

    Have a blessed day!


  71. Karol, I am so glad that you have discovered the incredible tool of inductive Bible study. I’m also glad that you have found my markings helpful in your studies. I don’t know how to use them to mark on the computer. I’m not a fan of marking on the computer because I think interacting with a physical Bible slows you down and increases learning. I’m all about using technology (as you can tell since I have a website, am on Facebook and Twitter, etc.), but when it comes to marking Observation Worksheets, I like the old-fashioned method of paper and pencils. But feel free to use what works for you. 🙂

  72. May I also remind everyone that Pen and Paper will also be available to us, even by candle light. But when the power goes out………. no bible study if you are computer only. Just saying folks, God created the written word for a reason. Happy Studying:)

  73. Dear Linda and PreceptCamden:


    Thank you both so much for all your advice, marking notes and inspiration and also about your advice to keep a paper copy, my sister Kathy suggested that I do the same. I have set up a binder system which I use for each study I work on. As I begin a study I print out a double spaced copy of the chapter I am studying as my first go round, then I do all the marking on that copy and once completed as a last and final review of the chapter I go with the marked notes to my actual Bible and once again review it by marking it accurately in my Bible so that I don’t have any mistakes. Then I file my markings in the binder so I have them when I need them, I also put any notes I may have made, a copy of the marked bookmark which was created for the chapter, the book or a print out copy of the course of study and it helps to keep everything all together! It seems to work well for me.
    Thanks again and may the Lord fill your day with many blessings!
    Have a blessed day!

  74. Karol, are you familiar with Precept Upon Precept Bible study workbooks? The workbooks lead you through a deep level of study into a book of the Bible. Each workbook includes an Observation Worksheet of the book of the Bible you are studying. The workbook also guides you to cross references, word studies, as well as other tools. Plus, it’s already 3-hole-punched so you can put it in a binder. You can take a look at them here:

  75. So excited and I HAVE to share. I love all the markings and have been, for a while looking for a set of pens that first will not bleed through, second, have a retractable point, come in a variety of colors and most importantly affordable priced. Well, I found them. Pilot Juice .38 point. Very fine point, comes in 24 colors. I ordered the set of 12 and then the remaining colors for only $39.00 and this included the “free” shipping. I have tested them on three different bibles including my NISB and they DO NOT BLEED. Here’s the link if you’re interested.

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  78. Judy – I use the following for restitution: $$$ and then draw an oval around it. I do it in a dark green.

  79. I was wondering if your list of notations are created by you or are they the ones used/created by Precept Ministries, that you gathered as you studied. It appears Precepts has many notations but since not all are used on each book of the Bible, it isn’t always easy to figure out what each one is….I too have suggested a complete bookmark for them to create….ONE DAY!

  80. Some of them are used by Precept Ministries and are usually designated with an asterisk (*) on my Key Word Symbol Pages. However, most of them are created by me. You are correct that not every word is marked in each book of the Bible. Key words are “key” only to certain books. Otherwise, marking them wouldn’t be significant. And remember, that how you mark a word isn’t as important as digging out truth for yourself! 🙂

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  84. Yes, I have a marking for “born.” By the way, I am currently working on NEW Key Word Symbol Sheets that will include even more markings. Stay tuned! Born KWS

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  86. just want to say i do have the precept marking pens – my daughter got them for me – but if you are familiar with stanford permanent markers they also make a nice writing pen in colors that do not bleed thru the thin paper in the bible – i get mine at walmart but sure u could find online

  87. Thank you for all your hard work and your willingness to share your markings with us! I began studying inductively as an Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship college student and I’m currently studying Luke –my 6th or 7th study–with a group of ladies. I am looking forward to seeing your new list 🙂 They are a great help!

  88. Connie, you are very welcome! I am so glad that you discovered inductive Bible study as a college student. 6 or 7 studies already? Wow! That’s awesome. Keep at it!

  89. A-Z list!!! Hugely helpful so I can focus & not be second-guessing!!! So great for finding what I need quickly, too! Thank you!!

  90. Hi! This is my first time here. Thank you for blessing others with so many helps and tools! I was running out of steam trying to come up with markings!! You are storing up treasures in Heaven with what you’re doing here.

    I was reading the comments and underneath the Pingback: Lesson Beyond the Basics, Kelly Lee was looking for a marking for “mankind”, not just man specifically. Not sure if she’s found one, but wanted to share mine in case it would be helpful.

    Like a lot of folks, for “man”, I do a blue circle with the arrow diagonally pointing “NE”. Woman is the traditional female sign of the circle with the line down and crossed, done in pink. So, for mankind or things like “all the people of the land”, I use orange and mark with a circle with both the male arrow and female cross.

    For beasts/animals, I went back and started marking in the same way, respectively, but all 3 are in brown. I began that when some of my insight margin notes started to indicate the significance of animal gender mirroring other concepts.

    I don’t know if that would be of help to anyone, but thought I’d throw it out there.

    Many blessings to you! And, again, thanks for what you do!

  91. Thank you so much for making these symbols available to use! They are such a great help. When do you expect your New Key Word Symbol pages to be out?

  92. Thanks a lot for sharing this with all of us you actually know what you are talking about! Bookmarked. Kindly also visit my website =). We could have a link exchange agreement between us!

  93. Thank you!! This saves me so much time…time that I can focus on the Word rather than trying to come up with a symbol!

  94. What symbol did you use for reproof/reprove in Proverbs 15? The inductive Bible study book for proverbs does not give the symbol. It just states to mark the word.

  95. Hello I noticed in my study of Titus you did not have markings for works, sound, or self-controlled.

    For works I chose a green shovel outline with the spade at the beginning and handle extending to the upper right.

    For sound I chose to shade in blue and use a red plus symbol through the word

    Self-control I chose to use a green arrow above and below pointing and ending in the center.

  96. Can’t find your original list of codes for inductive Bible Study… It was so helpful….

  97. How to mark the word joy? Rejoice? Gladness? I feel like these are really key words and I can’t find a way to mark them! Any help?

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