Meaningful not material gifts

Gifts of Hope 2013

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Or have you barely begun? Most people on your list are probably just like the people on my list: they really don’t need anything. We give them gifts because we love them and it’s just what we do during this time of year. So we end up buying things like sweaters to put in already-full closets, video games for kids who should be playing outside in the fresh air and sunshine, and boxes of Christmas cookies and candies for people who already have too much to eat. We rarely give gifts that will endure until next Christmas much less gifts with eternal value.

But what if we decided to do it differently this year? What if we decided to truly honor the season of the Savior with a gift of hope to a persecuted believer? Open Doors has compiled a Gifts of Hope Catalog to help you choose gifts that not only encourage Christians suffering for their faith but also give real help and hope to those who share our faith but not our freedom.

For $58 you can provide job training for women to help them support their families. For only $5 you can provide biblical resources in digital media format to help train and disciple a believer. $1565 will sustain a whole family for a year. These are just a few of the gifts available in the Gifts of Hope Catalog. Click here to view the entire catalog.

Don’t let this Christmas be another year of giving meaningless gifts that do little to honor the greatest gift of all – Jesus the Messiah! Purchase with purpose this Christmas and give the gift of hope to persecuted Christians around the world.


A great place to do your Christmas shopping!

There are many places online where you can purchase Christian books at discount prices. Precept Camden’s store is one of them. However, this Christmas I’d like to encourage you to sow into the ministry of Precept Ministries¬†International by doing your Christmas shopping in their online store. Revenue from their books and products helps fund the work of this wonderful ministry that works in over 150 countries across the globe. Their online store has great gift ideas under $10, $30, and $5o as well as ideas for stocking stuffers. When you buy from Precept, you partner with them to establish more people in God’s Word. And that is in keeping with the true spirit of Christmas!

Christmas Shopping Made Easy

Precept Ministries has made it easy to do your Christmas shopping this year. Check out their special Christmas E-Store for gifts that will last longer than a box of chocolates, are more valuable than a diamond necklace, and are more practical than a pair of fuzzy slippers. These gifts from Precept Ministries are all resources that will help you and your loved ones dig into the Word of God themselves. And that is a gift that keeps on giving!